Russia To Discuss Missile Shield With Iran, China

  • Russia To Discuss Missile Shield With Iran, China

    Russia has announced plans to pursue talks with Iran and China about a global missile shield.

    Ria Novosti reports that Russia’s representative to NATO, Dmitri Rogozin, will travel to China and Iran in mid-January to discuss the subject.

    Rogozin told the members of the Russian Duma: “I would like to inform you that, as dictated by the mission from the president, we will soon travel to China and Iran to examine issues regarding global missile shields in these countries.”

    Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has told his country’s armed forces to consider possible measures to counter NATO and U.S. missile shields.

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'US used nukes on Iraq, Afghanistan'

  • 'US used nukes on Iraq, Afghanistan'

    The United States has used tactical nuclear weapons in its military campaign against Iraq and Afghanistan, a Middle East expert tells Press TV.

    “Tactical nuclear weapons were used, at least one in Iraq and several were used in Afghanistan --in the Tora Bora mountains,” Peter Eyre, a Middle East consultant, said.

    Eyre pointed out that the atomic bomb dropped on Afghanistan's Tora Bora region was so powerful that it actually created an earthquake there.

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New Iran Nuclear Plant Blast 'No Accident': Report

  • New Iran Nuclear Plant Blast 'No Accident': Report

    A mysterious blast which reportedly rocked Isfahan in western Iran on Monday damaged a key nuclear facility in the city, the Times of London reported on Wednesday.

    On Monday, Haaretz sited Iranian media as reporting that an explosion was heard near Isfahan, home to a uranium conversion plant operational since 2004.

    According to reports by the semi-official Fars news agency, frightened residents called the fire department after the blast, forcing the city authorities to admit there had been an explosion. Residents reported that their windows shook from the explosion’s force.

    At first, Iranian officials denied the reports, with the governor of Isfahan later alleging that the blast was caused by an accident that had occurred during a nearby military drill.

    However, a report in the Times on Wednesday alleged that the blast had not been a military accident, and that the city’s nuclear facility was damaged.



Talvivaara has EU approval for uranium offtake deal

  • Talvivaara has EU approval for uranium offtake deal

    Nov 30 (Reuters) - Finnish miner Talvivaara has secured approval from the European Union to sell uranium, it said on Wednesday, allowing it to press ahead with an offtake agreement with Canadian producer Cameco signed earlier this year.

    Approval from the Euratom Supply Agency, which is charged with ensuring a regular supply of nuclear fuels to EU users, follows approval from the European Commission and is the first step in the uranium permitting process -- and a requirement as part of the Finnish government licensing procedure.



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