French nuclear giant Areva's shares suspended

  • French nuclear giant Areva's shares suspended

    PARIS — French nuclear giant Areva says trading in its shares has been suspended.

    The suspension "is to ensure that comprehensive, accurate and precise information is communicated to the market and to all Areva's shareholders in an equal manner," a company statement said.

    webmasters comment:

    LOL, more good news. This is a development following this announcement France nuclear giant to announce big loss - minister

    we might get lucky and the nuclear power industry will simply get abolished by the markets.


    Rhetoric question. What happens to such projects with Areva collapsing ? EDF chooses AREVA to upgrade the monitoring and control safety systems for its twenty 1,300MW reactors  I guess no safety upgrades...

    What probably comes next is that the french president, who thinks that without 10% of the worlds electricity from nukes we would be forced to use candles instead of lightbulbs will propose french government bailout of areva, meaning that the french people will again pay dearly for the screw ups of the failed nucler industry.