New concerns about Hanford nuclear waste plant

  • New concerns about Hanford nuclear waste plant

    RICHLAND, Wash. (AP) — The federal government says a one-of-a-kind plant that will convert radioactive waste into a stable and storable substance that resembles glass will cost hundreds of millions of dollars more and may take longer to build, adding to a string of delays and skyrocketing price tag for the project.

    In addition, several workers at southeast Washington's Hanford nuclear reservation have raised concerns about the safety of the plant's design — and complained they've been retaliated against for voicing their issues.

    The turmoil has some in the Pacific Northwest uneasy about the plant's long-term viability and fearful that a frustrated Congress could balk at paying more money for a project long considered the cornerstone of cleanup at the highly contaminated site.

    webmasters comment:

    Nuclear industry is robbing people everywhere. There is no solution to convert radioactive waste into "stable and storable substance" and even if so , it would still be nothing else but a deadly radioactive trap. This is bullshit, plain and simple.

    Here in Slovenia, the issue is even more absurd. The agency that was suppose to handle the waste storage has ofc spent all its money on some bs projects like new offices in a castle (not a joke) and so on, while the storage site ofc is not built. Slovenian national televison, which is nothing but presstitutes inc, even though it is publicly funded has featured some guy saying " in the future we are capable of managing the nuclear waste". And that is preety much enough for the slovenian sheeple.

    Freaking fortune tellers... imagine how this would look in any other industry, where standards actually apply. ANd for that they need billions of your hard earned moneys.

    The nucler industry is more heavily government subsidized than any alternative power source, including solar panels, simply beacuse waste storage, decomissioning, accidents and so on, all fall on taxpayers shoulders.