Film: Nuke absurdities (full)

  • Film: Nuke absurdities (full)

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    Caution, your rage against the nuclear industry supporter smucks is set to grow if you watch this video. 80% of women 80km from chernobyl gave birth to  children with birth defects and 30% of newborn babies  in intesive care units...

    Nuclear energy is a crime against humanity and the planet, and anyone claiming otherwise is either stupid, paid for or a criminal that deserves nurnberg type trial.

    Look at the girl in the start of the video, then picture your favourite government idiot talking about safe and clean nuclear energy.  This deadly mafia must be stopped, Hitler was a joke in comparison to the current nuclear industry establishments, IAEA included.

    Bring back the whips and lashes!

    Note that this is the truth of chernobyl where only 180 tons of nucler fuel were placed. In Fukushima, according to Forbes report that amount was 24 times larger- 4320 tons of rods in reactors and spent fuel pools.

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