Fukushima Plant Should Be Nationalized, Former PM Says

  • Fukushima Plant Should Be Nationalized, Former PM Says

    (Updates with Tokyo Electric response in last paragraph.)

    Dec. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Japan’s wrecked Fukushima nuclear station should be taken over by the government to ensure a full account is given of the events that led to the worst atomic crisis in 25 years, a former Japanese prime minister said.

    Many questions remain unanswered about the disaster nine months ago when an earthquake and tsunami knocked out cooling and power at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear station, former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and Tomoyuki Taira, a Japanese parliamentarian, wrote in a commentary in the journal Nature today. The two are members of a parliamentary committee probing the accident.

    The legislators, both members of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, said it’s particularly important to establish whether self-sustaining reactions are continuing in the damaged cores and whether explosions that rocked the station in the days after March 11 were nuclear in origin.

    webmasters comment:

    ... and it will get nationalized, right after Tepco sells off all of the healthy assets, like windpower units, cable tv and so on and leaves the taxpayers with a bill for raging meltdowns.

    Source: businessweek.com