Foreign ownership issues halt nuclear expansion review

  • Foreign ownership issues halt nuclear expansion review

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has suspended its review of the foreign ownership portion of the application to expand the South Texas Project nuclear plant over concerns that the owners haven't done enough to ensure domestic control of the plant.

    Toshiba Corp., based in Japan, could obtain an 85 percent ownership stake in the two nuclear plants proposed for the site outside of Bay City, the NRC found, meaning the company could have "the power to exercise ownership, control or domination over NINA," or Nuclear Innovation North America.

    webmasters comment:

    Japan is disgustingly aggressive in its nuclear proliferation. I believe this article reveals the true nature of the recent disputes and allegations inside NRC. It seems some would want nuclear power regardless of who owns it, while a branch of folks in the NRC is committed to keeping it in the U.S. hands.