Japan's PM Noda Declares a Cold Shutdown "State" and the End of Nuke Accident

  • Japan's PM Noda Declares a Cold Shutdown "State" and the End of Nuke Accident

    Declaring a cold shutdown, even with "state", is a joke, but Noda went further and declared the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident to be over.

    Why did he do that? Asahi Shinbun (12/16/2011) reports that:


    By using the word "the accident is over", the government wants to dispel fears of the nuclear plant accident that are still strong both inside and outside Japan, resulting in baseless rumors. The administration will proceed with decontamination and shrinking the evacuation zone to have the residents return.

    webmasters comment:

    We can't say it wasn't anticipated.

    Well here is my thoughts on what's going on, and i belive such was the gov. plan from the very beginning. Yesterdays video from Fairewinds has confirmed my observations published on Nov 4th - "Cold Meltdown" in reactor no.5? 

    What if fuel pellets were carried all around the place? What if the above video recorded melted fuel that came from reactors 1-4?

    We have known for awhile that ground water is breaking into the plant, if i remember correctly the official number stated by Tepco was 500 tons per day. No one really knows whats happening under the surface, the surface it self is to dangerous to cope with, but that selfperpetuating radioactive molten soup underneath is taking its own path and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

    Here is the problem.  This fresh underground water breaking into the plant is very likely connected to the sea and most probably was also the fresh water source required for plants cooling. This water breaking into the plant is carrying melted fuel all around the place and it will in majority end up in the sea. Beacuse there will be no big kaboom, and the radioactive molten soup will disperse over a wider area, the government propaganda will hit new gear.

    Take a look at the nuclear power plants around the world. Not only they are the worst water polluters, but many  are built as a rule on the shorelines, usually right above where there used to be a fresh water source flowing in the ocean. The engineers are ofc not stupid and accidents such as Fukushima do get anticipated. Just look at the designs of the NPP's. They are built like this intentionally, so if an accident occurs and there is a meltdown, the fresh water source will push the melted fuel into the oceans and the industry will declare the problem solved.

    This is not paranoia. Look at the building sites and designs around the world. We are being screwed in the worst possible manner. There never was any sollution to the problem. The only problem for TEPCO and japan government was to prevent another blow up, so the fuel can disperse quietly. For everything else, there is nothing that few million in donations to various mainstream media outlets won't solve, as seen with BP oil spill, where 500 mio to MSM, silenced them completly.

    Source: ex-skf.blogspot.com