Iceland recognises Palestinian state

  • Iceland recognises Palestinian state

    Iceland has become the first west European country to formally recognise a Palestinian state, three months after the Palestinians began to seek full membership of the United Nations with peace talks with Israel frozen indefinitely.

    "Iceland didn't only talk the talk, we walked the walk," Icelandic Foreign Minister Ossur Skarphedinsson said on Thursday at a news conference in Reykjavik.

    "We stood by our word, we have supported the Palestinian cause and today will not be the end of that, we will continue to do so," he added.

    Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki said: "[This] will surely have positive influence on other states to follow the same steps."

    webmasters comment:

    Congratulations to Palestine and GW Iceland!

    Altough not related to the topics of this website, i am posting this article in the hope that other european countries will follow the lead, beacuse true democracy can never exist in Europe with it tolerating Palestine under siege.

    It is also the 1st right step in decades that actually has the potential to bring the peace to middle east.

    Source: via WRH