Fukushima nuclear shutdown: ‘No progress is being made’

  • Fukushima nuclear shutdown: ‘No progress is being made’

    Suzuki spoke to reporters at a Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan conference yesterday, telling a very different story to the one officially given by the Government.

    “Absolutely no progress is being made”, he said.

    Claiming to have taken pictures of the site via a pinhole camera in his watch, Suzuki documented “many problems stemming from the shoddy, rushed work at the power plant”.

    He alleges that companies including Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco) are not adequately caring for workers on the site, claiming that they are cutting corners in both the repair of the plant and the welfare of the public.

    “(Nuclear) technology experts I’ve spoken to say that there are people living in areas where no one should be,” he stated. He suggests that the evacuation zones have not been sufficient and that the 80-kilometer evacuation radius recommended by the U.S. government would have been “about right.”

    Source: zdnet.com