The Shocking Truth of the Pending EU Collapse

  • The Shocking Truth of the Pending EU Collapse

    webmasters comment:

    This is sad. The thing is, that europe would integrate one way or the other, actually the people, especially the youth is all "european". But what eurocrats did was hijack a natural process in order to submit the evolving structure to its own perverse agenda.

    There is one thing that everybody fails to notice... the debt before the adoption of one single currency in each member state was negligible in comparison to todays. That of course is not the result of huge trade deficits, but solely the result of the adoption of the Euro, where national governments submited their authority to issue money to international bankers. Thats the whole truth of it.

    The other thing that folks fail to notice is, that all this EU debt is actually U.S. taxpayers moneys, because if i m not mistaken a large portion of the U.S.  bailouts went to Deutche Bank, that used that moneys to "save" EU economies. 

    People must realize that money it self has no value. Their faith in those printed pictures gives it power. And they must realize that they can create their own just currency at any time they wish and send the fraudalent banking cartels to the dustbins of history.