Former High-Level Federal Reserve Official: Fed Secretly Bailing Out Europe - video

  • Former High-Level Federal Reserve Official: Fed Secretly Bailing Out Europe - video

    Yes, We Are Bailing Out Europe

    Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke told Congress that the Fed would not bail out Europe.

    But he might have been less than forthcoming.

    Former Vice President of the Federal Reserve bank of Dallas, Gerald O Driscoll, says that the Fed is secretly bailing out Europe:

    webmasters comment:

    The FED is not bailing out Europe. The criminal FED bankers that have complete control over american industrial complex including oil, military and so on, with every single puppet president with exception of JFK (and recently presidential candidate Ron Paul) being in their pocket have annexed Europe with the EURO SCAM.

    Dollars and the Euro's come from the same corrupt printing press.

    George Bush comment  on his visit to Dallas where JFK was shot and killed comes to mind:" It's good to be back to where it all started". (JFK wanted to end the FED and bring back the silver backed currency hence he was shot). If you believe the official story you need to have your head examined.

    That's what is all about. The criminal  f*cks running the FED have annexed Europe with their printed pictures in order to get Europeans locked when they need cannon fooder against islam, Russia and China.

    And that was done with full knowledge of every single EU leader that is now selling you "solutions to the crisis", while there actually is no crisis with exception of the fact that the majority of the EU population is remarkably stupid and uninformed and that european leaders, regardless of the party are a bunch of useless soviet style aparatchiks.