in 2011 in 2011

As this year ends it is time to reflect back through the year and whatever may be said it would be unjust without the mention of YOU -  the reader of this webpage, that has made what it is.

Since you preety much know my way of thinking by now, you also must know that this is not a regular "i love my readers that i never met and i know them only by some obscure +1 in the webpage statistics" kind of BS, but that i indeed mean it when i say, that YOU have made this website work.

And i can not thank you enough for it. And if the children in Japan would know the truth, they would thank you to.

To cut to the point, here are a few statistics to back up my claims:

Since June when this website came online (the backtrack of all the important articles could not be possible without - thank you Mr. Rivero! ) this website had:

- 618,409 pageviews and 49.94 GB od data transfer all together with an average time for a reader to stay on a page being 587 seconds on nearly 10 minutes.

But here is the important part - from where did all the visitors come from?

- Direct address / Bookmark / Link in email...  = 88 %
- Links from an Internet Search Engine ... = 6.6 %
- Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines) = 5.4%

Sharing means caring phrase just caught a whole new meaning, thanks to you, dear reader of this webpage.

It is you spreading the truth outthere and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for it.

So as a thank you i promise not to put adds on this webpage ever again.

Special thanks goes out to the great webmaster of not only for his tireless and consistent work, but also for all his positive comments about, that have greatly contributed to the inital recognition of this website. Along with him, thanks to the whole enenews community. Life bless you all!