Ron Paul Vote Fraud / Mike Rivero is Angry

  •   Ron Paul Vote Fraud / Mike Rivero is Angry

    webmasters comment:

    Posting this since the majority of the readers comes from the U.S. (followed very closely by Germany and Russia). This is important info if you live in the U.S.!

    I lived in Memphis for awhile and was there on the September 11. I had the chance to see the U.S. before and after and i am aware of what it has done to the ordinary working american, that is as everybody in any country just trying to get by the day and feed the family. (I had to write this, beacuse many people in europe and elsewhere think of americans as war hungry gun wielding cowboys, without realizing that the average Joe has as much influence on the state politics as the counterparts in europe - that being zero, with the exception of that special day when you get to cast your vote.)

    I arrived there in august few weeks before the attacks and the grandpa of my gf at the time (she was the reason why i was there) kind off profeticly gave me the book Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy. So it was a completly natural reaction, perhaps a litle ignited by the novel fiction when i said on 9.11.  " They did this them selves."

    I do believe that Ron Paul is a chance for ordinary americans to win back their country and i therefore appeal to all to heed Mr. Rivero's call and share this information.