What if Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) (E-CAT "cold fusion") really works? 2 PDF

  • What if Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) (E-CAT "cold fusion") really works? 2 PDF

    NOTE: This article contains information that is alien to most readers. I suggest those interested in Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) first take a quick look at NASA scientist Joseph Zawodny's PDF slide presentation, which was obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Zawodny claims that LENR is not hot fusion, not cold fusion, but a strange kind of poorly understood "neutron absorption process" which give off useful amounts of heat, but very little radiation. Zawodny favors the Widom-Larsen Theory as a possible explanation for LENR. It involves the creation of heavy-mass electrons and ultra low momentum neutrons through the help of nanoscale magnetic fields. You don't have to understand the complex science in Zawodny's amazing slide show to get a general sense of the potential historic nature of this development. What is happening right now with LENR technology?

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    Low energy atom propulsion - LEAP sounds better than LENR. I believe the key to the mistery is in this statement "Reaction rate is related to the SPP amplitudes at the proton resonant frequency". Remember Seismic' New Quantum Theory Says a Wavefunction is a Real Physical Object ?

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