Is the official TEPCO "live" webcamera rigged?


Article updated: Friday, 17 june 2011 (new video added)

On 16 of june  i have noticed a huge crane moving on the water in the background of the reactor no.3 and no.4. on the TBS / JNN live webcamera.  Footage seemed interesting enough beacuse the cranes height was above the reactors buildings so i went to check the official TEPCO "live" webcamera to see what was happening from closer perspective. 

To my surprise the scene was blank. A lone bird flying over wretched reactor buildings but no huge floating crane...

Am i missing something or is the Tepco webcamera rigged?

The first picture shows the location of the Tepco webcam. It is overlooking all 4 reactors and pointing out to the sea.

On the second picture we see the indicated direction from where TBS / JNN webcam is filming. Well, make that direction about 20° left from the red line.


Now it seems to me they are both overlooking the same sight altough from different perspective, overlooking the ocean where a huge floating crane might move by.

But there is no crane whatsoever in the Tepco stream as we can see in the following video comparison (captured live). The crane on this footage is moving behind reactors no.3 and no.2.

I have filmed about an hour of videos showing the crane moving here and there on TBS / JNN and was comparing it to Tepco webcam  constantly.

Here is another - longer video of the crane moving behind reactors no.3 and no.4. As you can see, no change on Tepco footage whatsover, minus the bird flying over.

Here is the third video that i m posting as a response to claims, that the crane actually WAS CAPTURED by the Tepco webcamera. As you can see on the far right of the Tepco footage there is a crane visible, but its clearly not the same one.

1. The placing of the crane on Tepco footage is on land, not sea. I indicate with the mouse move where the crane should be seen in Tepco footage.

2. The crane on the Tepco footage should be also seen in the second video posted in the article but clearly its not.

3. The crane on the TBS /JNN feed is slowly moving, while the crane on Tepco footage is standing still.

So it is quite obvious that we are not talking about the same crane and with that in mind... why is the crane on Tepco footage not also seen on other TBS / JNN vids?

There was a question asked on on why Tepco would be hiding heavy machinery while not censoring smoke rising out of the buildings. My answer to  that is, that smoke outbursts are unexpected while careful planning is needed to bring such a ship to work and therefore timeframe is known in advance.

I might also add that by looking at the footage it seemed like the crane was loading things from several reactors then moving them away, that is out of the camera frame to the right. If i were to guess, they were picking up spent fuel rods that havent yet melted completly and fallen down, then relocating them to some alternative location.

And the answer to question on where these "presumably" spent fuel rods are going is also a big reason why the footage would get censored in the first place.

If you have any questions about the content / article or you think that i am missing something, please let me know.

Tadej Nared