Tepco webcam scam? Continued...


Monday, 20 june 2011

It happened again! We bring you great new footage recorded on 19 june 2011 showing cranes doing work in and around Fukushima Daiichi with some extra eye candies on top. Is TEPCO rigging their webcam or is it really that their webcam is constantly filming from an angle where the machinery can not ever be visible?

Take a good look at all the videos and let us know what you think.

What started out as a morning coffee and a peek at the screen ended up in 40+ recordings. They have been busy  at Fukushima Daiichi and we got some interesting videos to share. The first hour was business as usual. Huge crane seen on TBS / JNN doing work while no such crane is seen on TEPCO. Altough all of a sudden we got suprised by workers passing by TEPCO webcam.

1st video showing huge crane working on TBS / JNN webcamera
while TEPCO workers are passing by TEPCO webcam.

As they came so they went altough we didnt catch them all :). The video shows a worker leaving the nuclear complex on TEPCO webcam while 3 cranes are observed on TBS / JNN webcamera. Notice the huge object in the corner of reactor no.1 building that is nowhere to be seen on TEPCO cam.

2nd video shows a worker leaving while huge cranes are seen on TBS / JNN.
No such cranes are seen on TEPCO webcam.

After awhile TBS / JNN webcam operator started to go our way. The webcamera went dynamic on us and gave us a nice perspective of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex as well as detailed zoom-in on the phantom crane as well as the crane working in the woods infront reactor building no. 2. 

3rd video features a close up view of the huge crane and some zoom in-out perspectives.

The camera started to get better and better. We were hoping for a good view of the crane and got a FANTASTIC view of all of the reactor buildings from up close.  You can really see the damage done. This really is a MUST SEE video! It ends with closeup view of buildings no.5 and 6.

4th video featuring rare view of all of the Fukushima reactor buildings
with nice eye candy moves from TBS / JNN webcam operator

This video is a continuation of the previous one. It starts with zoom in on buildings no.5 and no.6 then continues to explore Fukushima nuclear reactor complex end finishes with a panoramic view of Fukushima.

5th video is a continuation of video no.4. and ends with panoramic view of Fukushima

Here you can observe the work performed by the huge red and white crane at building no.3. From what is seen the crane looks like its pulling material out of the crippled reactor building no.3.

6th video shows the crane doing work at reactor building no.3

And finally here it is... We managed to capture a crane on TEPCO webcam! Thing is that its not big-shiny red and white one but small & ugly orange one.

7th video finally shows a crane on TEPCO webcam. Just not the right one.

Well here it is. We hope you like the recorded materials and have come up with some good explanation for the webcam discrepancies. Beacuse honestly, we havent.

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Tadej Nared