Is TEPCO Dumping Spent Fuel Rods Into The Sea?


Updated Thursday, 23 june 2011 (added a picture that shows  real size of the crane)

Is this smoke or is this fog?  Videos show huge stream of what we believe is smoke coming somewhere out of the sea at 17.00 hours "Tepco time" 19 june 2011.  This is a direct follow up recording after the huge cranes have left the scene.

You may call us paranoid, populist or whatever you like. But this looks to us like smoke - steam comming out of the ocean.

This picture is un update and a response to comments that the cranes we are following are to small to reach reactor buildings.  Original article unchanged below...

huge-crane-reactor1The enormous crane visible on the left side

On 19th of june when recording cranes we made some extra follow up recordings in case we catch something. And we believe we did. Right after the cranes have left the scene fog started rolling in to Fukushima. Or at least so we thought and paid no attention to it.

Untill we found the video recorded by Lucas Whitefield Hixson titled TEPCO And TBS Cam Show Vapor Geysers June 18.

The "fog" we recorded started to look like smoke - steam more and more and we were especially suprised by how fast and how low it was moving. There was only one problem. The source of the smoke was not in any of the reactor buildings but somewhere what it seems out in the ocean to the right side of the camera. And it was somewhere before 5pm according to TEPCO webcam, not quite the usuall time for fog to appear, dont you agree? 

1st video shows strange fog rolling by Fukushima.
The discrepancies between TEPCO webcam and TBS / JNN are still present.

Ok now. If you respected readers decide that we re just fearmongering and the fog is actually just a fog, you can stop reading. Otherwise if this is  man made the first obvious question is: Where is it comming from and what can produce so much steam? 

By our opinion dumping hot fuel rods in to the cold sea water would be the only viable explanation.

2nd video shows ... well more fog or smoke... you decide.

And as we can see its comming from the right front side - out of the view of all cameras and from the ocean untill it engulfs the front side of reactor buildings.  Discrepancies with TEPCO cam are still there.

3rd video features more strange fog engulfing reactor buildings

Well to make matters even more interesting... Do you wanna know where all the big cranes are going after they finish their work?

Check the bottom right corner in the next vid.

Where do cranes go after they finish work at Fukushima.

We dont know what to think of it. For the last few days we have been monitoring what seems to be TEPCO trying to censor and rig their webcam and this view of events kinda starts to put things in perspective.

Tadej Nared