Europe’s nuclear reactor safety tests leave many unanswered questions

  • Europe’s nuclear reactor safety tests leave many unanswered questions

    In the aftermath of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, the European Commission ordered that all nuclear reactors in Europe undergo ‘stress tests’ to identify any safety concerns. You would think that the operators of reactors would jump on a chance to reassure the public about nuclear power. Yet they have instead provided test results that should be a worry for people throughout Europe.

    Some (but not all) of the test results have been released, and they show alarming gaps in whether reactors in Europe can withstand emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks, and the loss of power and cooling.....

    ..The quality of the stress test results varies wildly from country to country. Those with largely independent nuclear regulators performed more rigorous tests. Others, such as the Czech Republic, Sweden and the United Kingdom, have failed to publish proper information. The Czech Republic’s report was just seven pages long despite the country having six nuclear reactors. In sharp contrast, Slovenia provided a 177-page report on its one reactor.

    webmasters comment:

    I wonder if those pages include information that the head of the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration has raised the allowed limits of radioactive substance releases from the nuclear power plant from 20Tbcq/year to 45Tbcq/year, claiming that has no effect on the environment, while the sad fact is that the nuclear plant is just to old to function properly and gives out 100% more of radioactive substances than it used to.

    Does is say that there is one of the most popular thermal water resorts located just few miles down the river, where hundreds of thousands tourists from all over Europe visit each year?

    Does it say that the crazy holy-uranium-lovers in Slovenia would like to build a second reactor, although this would require to raise the discharge limits yet again, not to mention that the existing nuclear power plant is heating up the river up to the max, usually 0.3°C bellow the government set limit.

    Everybody is talking about the 2nd reactor, while no one ever mentions that the river & environment simply can't take it.

    But as is common in Slovenia, probably nothing that can't be solved simply with a signature of some corrupt "nuclear expert". Yes, same s*it everywhere.

    It's about the nuclear industry against the people. Simple as that.