Cesium in pollen not viewed as health risk

  • Cesium in pollen not viewed as health risk

    In June, the education and science ministry studied cedar leaves in the town of Kawamata, located about 45 km from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, and determined the cesium-134 and -137 levels ranged from 54,300 to 177,600 becquerels per kilogram...

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    Note* from 54.300bcq/kg. ok, now some facts:

    Cedar trees are rare in that they pollinate throughout the year. This means that, unlike seasonal allergies, cedar allergy symptoms can be present all year long. In fact, many people with cedar allergies in the winter months believe they have a cold because it is not the typical allergy season. www.ehow.com

    Fukushima has about 185,000 hectares of cedar forests

    If there is one tree in each 3m x 3m that means 1.111 trees in hectare or about 205 million cedar trees in Fukushima. Now the closest data i found was that a 16 year old pine tree produces 81 grams of pollen per day. Thats on average 1134 grams of pollen (> 1 liter) over a 14-day pollen shed.

    So, basically what we get is that when trees start feeling funky... there will be 205 mio liters (205.000 tons) of radioactive pollen flying out of Fukushima each 14 days.

    Source: japantimes.co.jp