The real issue behind "detected radioactivity" in Slovenia

The real issue behind "detected radioactivity" in Slovenia

I have just checked the EURDEP webpage and the bug has been fixed. Slovenia does not light up as a mini Chernobyl anymore. The dots have been set according to recorded values. The only remaining signs of radioactivity in Slovenia are the various printscreens in my (and/or other) bloggers collections.

Everything is fine. NOT!

The fact remains that Slovenia was showing as a major source of radioactive emissions for weeks and months  on EURDEP and no one noticed untill came out lashing. 

No one in the SNSA or NEK knew that Slovenia is poping up in red and purple on the EURDEP map for at least 2 months. (i have checked the data back to 20oct with 1 month timeframe)

I mean, with nuclear energy supposedly being Slovenia's "national interest" and similar bs don't you think that they would act sooner on the fact that they are lighting up as a christmas tree in the EUropean Radiological Data Exchange Platform?  Don't you think that the management of the Slovenian nuclear power plant would act, if in todays post-fukushima environment Slovenia sends out signals of overlimit radiation at its sole nuclear power plant?

Yes they would if they knew about it!

But they didn't! The  fact that the SNSA and NEK, that was just quoting SNSA report said that it was an administrative error, without explicitly knowing what was going on, shows us not only that they don't follow the results of the data they publish into EURDEP, they simply don't care to check. If they would check it, they couldn't have missed it.

So what does that say about the efficiency and most importantly credibility of SNSA and NEK?

Nothing good.

Nothing new.

still no thank you note from NEK or SNSA for letting them know on why exactly Slovenia looks like Europe's top hotspot. :)