Japan Hosts Fukushima Radioactive Marathon

  • Japan Hosts Fukushima Radioactive Marathon

    This ad is for a TV show in Japan. A marathon was run right down the middle of some of the worst radioactive roads in Japan outside of the ‘red zone’ right next to Fukushima. This insane race was hosted by the Japanese government which seems little changed from WWII when the rulers in Tokyo demanded all Japanese fight literally to death.

    Just as the Banzai Samurai lying about Tokyo set out suicide squads to die for the Emperor who was as protected as a silkworm in its cocoon of mulberry leaves, so today, the financial wizards running Japan send out suicidal school girls to prove that the contaminated parts of Japan are OK for the masses (but not the rich upper class families who rule Japan). From one of many anti-TEPCO blogs from Japan is this terrible story: “Let’s die together” marathon | Fukushima Diary