How to Protect Ourselves from Radiation

  • How to Protect Ourselves from Radiation

    Self-Help: How to Protect Ourselves Against Damage from Radiation

    Now that much of Europe is being blanketed with radioactive iodine, high levels of radiation in Tokyo and other areas of Japan have been confirmed (and see this and this), and some areas of the United States and Canada – such as the Cascades – are getting hit with fairly significant amounts of radiation, it is time to revisit the question: how can we protect ourselves?

    The initial answer is that we should reduce our exposure to radiation in the first place. For example, world renowned physicist Michio Kaku told his Japanese family and friends months ago that they should leave if they can.

    If you live in an area receiving any radiation exposure, you should also take off your shoes and leave them by the door (Asian style) and use a Hepa vacuum to get rid of excess dust.

    As nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen said in June:...