Did Israel Just Kill Us All?

  • Did Israel Just Kill Us All?

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    Stuxnet is real and present danger. Most manufacturing facilities and especially nuclear power plants are not prepared and there are hundreds of facilities that utilize the targeted controlers. . It has been known to disrupt major manufacturing facilites ... for example in this article Duqu, Stuxnet are different worms: Kaspersky
    It is believed the Stuxnet virus was originally developed to disrupt Iran's nuclear programme. Analysis by computer security experts has showed the worm exploited no fewer than four previously unknown vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows to take over industrial control systems, making it more sophisticated than any virus seen before. Once inside a Windows systems, the self-replicating code looks for connections to Siemens industrial control systems exploiting more vulnerabilities in the Siemens' own operating system to make clandestine adjustments to industrial processes.

    Stuxnet targeted industrial control systems sold by Siemens that are widely used around the globe to manage everything from nuclear power generators and chemical factories to water distribution systems and pharmaceuticals plants.

    also worth noting

    Kaspersky Lab said the Duqu worm was first detected in early September 2011, after a user in Hungary uploaded one of the components of the malware to the Virustotal website, which analyses infected files with anti-virus programs of different manufacturers.

    now how does that look in connection to yesterdays..

    Hungary's nuclear authority told the International Atomic Energy Agency that iodine-131 had been released from the Institute of Isotopes Ltd from Sept. 8
    hum, there is another thing that bothers me... i just noticed, that most of the articles regarding the emissions in hungary have changed. The first official statement included detailed information on when the institute of isotopes was emitting Iodine, and the timeframes were short, they stopped everything to change the filters after they realised their leaks etc... Now after the IAEA has found its scapegoat all the articles state that the emissions were going on from 8sept to nov 16 continuously, which is one big fat lie.

    Source: Snordelhans via WRH