India moves to accommodate US nuclear technology vendors

  • India moves to accommodate US nuclear technology vendors

    New Delhi - India has gone 'some way' in addressing the concerns of US would-be suppliers to its nuclear power sector, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Friday.

    He was speaking after talks with US President Barack Obama in Bali, where the two leaders were attending a summit. 'I explained to President Obama that we have a law in place and the rules have been formulated,' IANS news agency quoted Singh as saying.

    Delhi announced changes to legislation Wednesday, which restrict the liability that Indian nuclear operators can claim from their overseas suppliers in case of an accident.

    webmasters comment:

    Translation. India has signed a document that any nuclear power plants parts from abroad have only a 5 year warranty and if a power plant blows up after that time, india can't claim any damages beacuse of faulty parts. Now how stupid are they? Kudankulam protests need to go nationwide.