African Sun Prepares to Power Europe

  • African Sun Prepares to Power Europe

    ...Solar units use mirrors to concentrate sunlight and convert it into thermal energy. This process achieves temperatures of 400 to 1200 degrees Celsius, which can be used to generate power in the same way as a conventional steam-operated power station. ...

    ... Wind and solar farms are heavily dependent on weather conditions. Because electricity grids are not able at present to store enough electricity, fluctuations in renewal energy makes standby, conventional power plants indispensable to meet the base load demand.

    This handicap of renewable energy sources would disappear with new solar power panels and with new intelligent grids capable of storing electricity and delivering it on demand, the study claims.

    webmasters comment:

    very important development and a huge + for alternative energy sector. Nuclear power plants are often quoted as a necessity because of the base load demand and such projects eliminate that argument entirely.

    If i understand the system correctly it is just a huge version of the Stirling engine, that uses sun mirrors to heat the gas / water inside the system.