• Un-Tepco

    Kunitachi City “UnTEPCO”, Switching Power Supply Source.

    Kunitachi City switched its electric power source of the City Hall, Community Center, Schools, etc., totaling in 20 locations, from TEPCO to small business “Ennet” (headquarter: Minato Ward).

    Affected by the accident of TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiich Nuclear Power Plant, the City made a decision in September to select a new electric power supply business through a bidding process. A general competitive call to bid was published in October only to the businesses that passed the City’s environmental impact criteria including greenhouse gas emission ratings, and Ennet, a company funded by Tokyo Gas Company among others, won. Four businesses competed, and the Ennet’s unit price came the lowest.

    webmasters comment:

    As i have said, the "power shortage" is a scare for japanese to continue supporting the nuclear village. There is no power shortage... if one company goes under, the other will take it's place.

    Source: fukushima-diary.com