Fukushima accident raises spent fuel concerns in U.S.

  • Fukushima accident raises spent fuel concerns in U.S.

    Tuesday November 22, 2011

    BRATTLEBORO -- How well prepared is Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant to respond to an accident that cuts off power to the plant’s spent fuel pool cooling system?

    That’s a question the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be asking as part of its "lessons learned" review of the nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan.

    In late July, the Union of Concerned Scientists suggested to the NRC that now would be a good time to review how power plant operators would respond to a "design basis accident" that compromises a spent fuel pool’s cooling system.

    Earlier this month, the NRC agreed and is asking operators of power plants with reactors such as that at Yankee in Vernon how the plant systems are capable of removing the combined heat loads, including the heat load from the spent fuel pool, from the reactor building during an accident.

    Source: reformer.com