Kyoto University Students: "Stop Calling Murder a Science!"

  • Kyoto University Students: "Stop Calling Murder a Science!"

    I never thought I'd be cheering for what I used to know as a radical, Marxist student organization like Zengakuren (All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations, some info from wiki), but I am now.

    Here's the video of the Kyoto University students who are the members of the Zengakuren, confronting Dr. Sentaro Takahashi, deputy director of the Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute and protesting the public lecture that the Institute was hosting on October 1, 2011.

    Dr. Takahashi was in charge of organizing the public lecture by Dr. Yoshiya Shimada of National Institute of Radiological Sciences, who is known for his claim that radiation exposure up to 100mSv/yr is safe. The students had been opposing the lecture, but Dr. Takahashi decided to go ahead and refused to let the students in.