A New Urgency to the Problem of Storing Nuclear Waste

  • A New Urgency to the Problem of Storing Nuclear Waste

    AUSTIN, TEXAS — The nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, earlier this year caused many countries to rethink their appetite for nuclear power. It is also, in subtler ways, altering the fraught discussion of what to do with nuclear plants’ wastes.

    A prime example is Germany, which decided to shut down all its nuclear power plants by 2022 after the partial reactor meltdowns at Fukushima. That decision is making it easier for Germans to have a calm and focused discussion about a permanent disposal site for the plants’ wastes, analysts say.

    Previously, opponents of nuclear power worried that backing a permanent solution for the wastes would make it easier for nuclear power plants to continue to exist, according to Michael Sailer, the chief executive at the Öko-Institut in Berlin, a research and consulting group focused on sustainability.

    Anti-nuclear politicians, he said, felt that if they came out in favor of a permanent disposal site, “they support pro-nuclear people because they solve the waste problem.”.

    webmasters comment:

    They can stuff this analysts you know where. All people smart and humane enough to oppose nuclear power are aware that something has to be done regarding the nuclear waste and all know that hiding radioactive death traps deep underground is NOT a solution. That's just burying radioactive sludge under ground, nothing else. That doesn't solve anything.

    The real solution is to stop producing the waste, to stop this deadly and corrupt industry before it abolishes the humanity all together and only then can we focus on trying to repair the damage done.

    Source: nytimes.com