Nuclear waste train reaches German rail terminus

  • Nuclear waste train reaches German rail terminus

    A rail convoy taking radioactive waste from a French reprocessing centre to storage in northern Germany, completed the rail stage of its journey Monday, an AFP correspondent witnessed.

    The train, arrived at Dannenberg for unloading at 0404 GMT Monday, after a voyage from nuclear giant Areva's rail yard at Valognes, northwestern France, that started on Wednesday and was marked by fierce protests.

    From there, its cargo of 11 containers of waste are due to be unloaded onto trucks for the final 20- kilometre leg of the journey by road to the Gorleben storage facility on the River Elbe.

    webmasters comment:

    Often when reading through these articles i remember this one video that came out in the start of the accident, featuring a Japanese man saying, that all of the nuclear reactors should be entombed in giant blocks of concrete as an everlasting monuments to human stupidity.