Vladimir Putin launches Cold War rhetoric at mass rally

  • Vladimir Putin launches Cold War rhetoric at mass rally

    Vladimir Putin told the West to butt out of his country's internal affairs Speaking ahead of a parliamentary vote this weekend that his party is expected to win, the country's de facto president-in-waiting told the West to butt out of his country's internal affairs and to stop funding human rights groups that he disdainfully likened to Judas Escariot.

    "We know that representatives of some countries meet with people they fund, so-called grant receivers, and give them instructions and guidance for what work they need to do to influence the election campaign in our country," he alleged.

    In a sarcastic jab at the United States and the European Union, he said such countries would do better "to use the money to pay back their domestic debt".

    webmasters comment:

    If readers are wondering what are all these Iran, Russia, Pakistan etc articles doing on this web page... They are published as a dire warning that the domain of this page might actually have a literate meaning, but not that it was premeditated.

    With the continuing NATO military agenda and it's expansion of war rhetoric, now being countered with the same vigour from opposing nations, Europe, which is nearing its pre designed economic collapse is right in the middle of the retaliatory strikes that will inevitably happen if things escalate even with conventional warfare. But sadly, if conventional war will be waged on Europe's borders, the conflicts will sooner or later reach the nuclear stage, either by a nuclear attack or an attack on a nuclear power plant.

    The truth is, that the NATO establishment has set Europe (most importantly eastern Europe or the so called "Vilnious group" that will get hit the hardest in the case of rising conflicts), as its shield in its continuing fight against Russia and middle eastern nations. (No, the "cold war" never stopped).

    With Pakistan, Syria and probably Iran in the war scenario, Russia and China are not far behind.

    Europeans will inevitably get hit and most probably in the case of ww3, annihilated. It is MAD (mutual assured destruction) in the making, with Europe caught in the middle.

    I was wondering lately on how can all this madness be prevented, if there is anything that can be done to stop the return to the dark ages of the 16th century mentality, because that is exactly what the establishments are pumping out.

    It just makes me so mad, that in these great times of technology and Internet and space flights, all the establishment is capable to put out is moronic and devastating mindset.

    We have stopped dreaming!

    I want to skip the dark ages mentality, where the leaders of corporate inquisition cultists are forcing their utterly failed mentality onto humanity. I want to fast forward on the reoccurring spirals in time, to the age of exploration, where people can propel them selves to space if they want in search for new lands and planets, where the humanity sets it self to explore the universe around us.

    I want the humanity to realize that not all is discovered, that there are great changes and great future for us ahead, if... just if, we are to skip this point in time where the biggest mistake is about to be made. The unlimited potential of what we can be reached is right above the corner as is the ultimate black hole.

    I came to realize that the only thing, we the people have left, is ironically, to actually believe in the farce cast upon us, called democracy. By that i mean the realisation that we the people of the world have the power to stop this madness by refusing to allow our governments to draw red lines between us.

    How to fight the new world order? Come out with a better plan for it, its not hard to do. Hijack the idea, make it better, make it right, make it work, without the destruction of billions of people in the process.

    Source: refreshingnews9.blogspot.com via WRH