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Fukushima accident to go-on 40 more years
Nuclear News
Covering Fukushima I (Daiichi) Nuclear Accident Since March 11, 2011
(Photo: Reactor 3 Operating Floor, January 2014)
  • OT: Kuchinoerabu-Jima off Kagoshima Blows
    A tweet by @satake_take:

    Sendai Nuclear Power Plant in Kagoshima Prefecture is all cleared for the restart, sometime in July. No effect, no danger, of course.

  • #Fukushima I Reactor 2: Thermocouples in Containment Vessel Are Acting Up Again

    The temperature is either 88 degrees Celsius, or 20 degrees Celsius, depending on which thermocouple you believe.

    Or none of the above, and both thermocouples are broken. Given the previous history (from 2012 when one thermocouples after another was failing inside the Containment Vessel of Reactor 2), it is possible that both are broken.

    Mainichi Shinbun (4/7/2015) reports:




    Thermocouple inside the Containment Vessel of Reactor 2 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant shows abnormal rise in temperature

    On April 7, TEPCO disclosed that a thermocouple inside the Containment Vessel of Reactor 2 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant showed abnormal temperature.

    The temperature was 20.9 degrees...

  • Four Years Later in Japan

    A reporter and a cameraman from Jiji Tsushin went to Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant on February 26, 2015 and made the video available on Jiji's site and on Youtube on March 2.

    So what has changed? Reactor 3's top floor has been cleaned of debris, although the lower floors are still full of debris (1:50). Slightly murky Reactor 4's Spent Fuel Pool on the operating (top) floor is now empty except for a few control rods (3:10); workers had finished removing all 1,535 fuel assemblies from the pool in December last year. The cask used to transport the fuel assemblies from the pool to the common spent fuel pool on the ground is still...
  • (OT) (Happy) New Year

    UPDATE-2 (1/13/2014)

    Israeli newspaper HaMevaser photoshopped out Angela Merkel and three other female politicians (including Danish PM famous for selfies with Obama and Cameron), says UK's Independent.

    From a tweet comparing photos:


    UPDATE (1/12/2015)

    What a joke. That was nothing but a photo-op. From Liberty Blitzkrieg blog:


    2015 is off to a rocky start. The last week was dominated by events in the French capital where a satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's editor and cartoonists were gunned down by French citizens who claimed to have taken orders from either Al-Qaeda or ISIS to avenge the...

  • Tying Loose Ends at 2014 End: #Fukushima I NPP R4 SFP Emptied, STAP Was Outright Fraud, Potential Radioactive Leak in Ukraine

    All fuel assemblies - 1331 used and 202 new - in the Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 4 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant have been moved out of the pool. Most have gone to the Common Pool on the ground level. Some have been moved to the Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 6, as they ran out of space in the Common Pool.

    I suppose the purpose of the whole exercise was to placate those who were screaming "End of the world is near!" because "Reactor 4's building would collapse at any moment!" in various parts of the world (particularly North America). Condolences to workers who had to do the actual work and were exposed to...
  • (OT for Christmas 2014) Ave Verum Corpus

    Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1791, the year he died.

    Ave verum corpus, natum
    de Maria Virgine
    vere passum, immolatum
    in cruce pro homine
    cuius latus perforatum
    fluxit aqua et sanguine
    esto nobis praegustatum
    in mortis examine

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