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Tepco webcam scam? Continued...


Monday, 20 june 2011

It happened again! We bring you great new footage recorded on 19 june 2011 showing cranes doing work in and around Fukushima Daiichi with some extra eye candies on top. Is TEPCO rigging their webcam or is it really that their webcam is constantly filming from an angle where the machinery can not ever be visible?

Take a good look at all the videos and let us know what you think.

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Is the official TEPCO "live" webcamera rigged?


Article updated: Friday, 17 june 2011 (new video added)

On 16 of june  i have noticed a huge crane moving on the water in the background of the reactor no.3 and no.4. on the TBS / JNN live webcamera.  Footage seemed interesting enough beacuse the cranes height was above the reactors buildings so i went to check the official TEPCO "live" webcamera to see what was happening from closer perspective. 

To my surprise the scene was blank. A lone bird flying over wretched reactor buildings but no huge floating crane...

Am i missing something or is the Tepco webcamera rigged?

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