Fukushima timeline - April 2011

Radioactive news 30 April 2011

  • Independent Radiation Monitoring In Fukushima City Shows Extremely High Levels Of Radiation

    An independent journalist has detected high levels of radiation 63km from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. This comes as the top nuclear adviser to the Japanese government has resigned over the fact that Japan has bypassed the law in order to allow children to be exposed to higher levels of radiation in light of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
    Source: theintelhub.com

  • TEPCO Data Shows Ongoing Criticalities Inside Leaking Fukushima Daiichi Unit 2

    Data released on April 28, 2011 by TEPCO is now unequivocal in showing ongoing criticalities at Unit 2, with a peak on April 13. TEPCO graphs of radioactivity-versus-time in water under each of the six reactors show an ongoing nuclear chain reaction creating high levels of "fresh" I-131 in Unit 2, the same reactor pressure vessel (RPV) with a leak path to reactor floor, aux building, and outdoor trenches, that is uncontrollably leaking high levels of I-131, Cs-134, Cs-137 into the Pacific Ocean.
    Source: glgroup.com

  • China detects 30 radioactive contamination cases

    China has detected 30 cases of radioactive contamination in passengers, vessels and containers that have entered the country since March 16, quarantine authorities said on Friday.
    Source: snews.xinhuanet.com

  • US Military has anti-radiation drug 'Ex-Rad', not available to the public

    US Military has developed an anti-radiation wonder drug called 'Ex-Rad', but it is not yet available to the public. The active ingredients have not been disclosed. Fox Posted 2011 Mar 23. "In what has to be one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of military medicine, the U. S. military has developed a radiation protection drug known as Ex-Rad that can give protection through DNA repair against otherwise lethal dosages of radiation. Ex-Rad, which is administered as an injection or orally, can be given either before or after exposure."
    Source: foxnews.com

  • 25,000 Gallons Of Radioactive Water Released On Plant Workers in Madrid

    14 people were working in the containment area of a nuclear power plant in northeast Spain this week when water used to cool a reactor was unexpectedly released. The incident occurred in the middle of this week for reasons not clarified, not contaminated with any of the employees involved, as the plant owned by Endesa. Contaminated water flooded the containment building where the workers worked until around the ankles, imbuing the shoe and part of the protective equipment for workers. The nuclear proceeded to evacuate all personnel to flush and decontaminate the building and looked at radiation levels of the affected employees.
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Radioactive news 29 April 2011

  • Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant recovering after losing power

    Crews are working to restore power to a nuclear plant in northern Alabama. The severe storms that cut across the Southeast Wednesday night also managed to knock out external power to three nuclear reactors at the Browns Ferry plant. Back-up generators kicked in, so nuclear regulators said the plant is safely in shutdown mode. The plant is operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority, which has declared it's lowest level emergency for the plant, classifying it as an unusual event. No radiation was released.
    Source: kltv.com

  • Solar Power Breakthrough Could Render Photovoltaic Cells Obsolete

    PhysOrg.com A dramatic and surprising magnetic effect of light discovered by University of Michigan researchers could lead to solar power without traditional semiconductor-based solar cells. The researchers found a way to make an “optical battery,” said Stephen Rand, a professor in the departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Physics and Applied Physics. In the process, they overturned a century-old tenet of physics...
    Source: activistpost.com

  • Study Highlights Iodine Deficiency Problem

    The conventional view is that obesity is the result of eating too much and/or not being active enough. I don’t quite subscribe to this view myself, as I see body weight as the result of a complex interplay between a variety of factors including the form calories come in the diet and hormonal factors. One key hormone here is insulin – the chief hormone responsible for the accumulation of fat in the fat cells. Get insulin levels down and you have a pretty decent chance of losing weight. Other key hormones that play a part in body weight maintenance include those hormones secreted by the thyroid gland. The most plentiful thyroid hormone is thyroxine (also known as T4). Thyroxine, essentially, stimulates the metabolism.
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Radioactive news 28 April 2011

  • Japan Nuclear Operator Postpones Plan To Flood Reactor Vessel

    A plan to flood the containment vessel of one of the reactors at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex to better cool off its nuclear core was postponed Thursday, as concerns about possible leakage in the vessel made workers cautious about filling it with tens of thousands of tons of water.
    Source: e.nikkei.com

  • UPDATE KEPCO joins TEPCO in the nuclear screw ups

    Japan update KEPCO no better than TEPCO Fukui is now showing radiation in Western Japan. Tsuruga and Mihama and Ohi they're all on the fritz. None of this is on TV here by the way. It's only in some papers and online, from Japanese blogers.
    Source: rys2sense.com

  • Rolling Stone: America’s Nuclear Nightmare

    Lochbaum, a nuclear engineer, says that Jaczko knows full well that what the NRC calls "defense in depth" at U.S. reactors has been seriously compromised over the years. In some places, highly radioactive spent fuel is stockpiled in what amounts to swimming pools located beside reactors. In other places, changes in the cooling systems at reactors have made them more vulnerable to a core meltdown if something goes wrong. A few weeks before Fukushima, Lochbaum authored a widely circulated report that underscored the NRC's haphazard performance, describing 14 serious "near-miss" events at nuclear plants last year alone. At the Indian Point reactor just north of New York City, federal inspectors discovered a water-containment system that had been leaking for 16 years.
    Source: rollingstone.com

  • Japan Forsees High Radiation Over The Next Year In Areas Not Evacuated

    Japan is not evacuating areas where forecasts show cumulative radiation doses over the course of the next year will far exceed annual legal radiation exposure limits. The Japanese government has also announced they are eliminating annual radiation exposure limits for nuclear workers altogether.
    Source: blog.alexanderhiggins.com

  • Fukushima Daiichi's shoreline to be sandbagged

    As aftershocks of the March 11th earthquake continue, the operator of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant will sandbag its shoreline as a temporary measure against another possible tsunami.
    Source: nhk.or.jp

  • Latest Tepco Data Shows Ongoing Nuclear Meltdown At Fukushima Reactor 2 In Japan

    The latest Tepco data shows and ongoing nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear reactor 2 in Japan according to an analysis performed by a GLG Consulting Group expert. That analysis reveals that the latest TEPCO data released on April 28th shows an ongoing criticality which is evidenced by an increasing the ratio of iodine to cesium in the groundwater coming from the number 2 reactor.
    Source: blog.alexanderhiggins.com


Radioactive news 27 April 2011

  • West is at Mercy of Stuxnet, German Analyst Hints

    German cyber-security expert Ralph Langner, who helped unravel the Stuxnet virus, told a global audience in March that the worm could be used as a weapon of mass destruction against targets in the West. At the end of his presentation on the subject, Langner arguably seemed to hint at the possibility that Israel is part of the danger, although in correspondence a few months ago he named an unspecific “hacker underground” as the possible threat.
    Source: weeklyintercept.blogspot.com

  • California Plutonium 43 Times, Hawaii 11 Times Highest Levels In 20 Years

    An absolutely viral post is circulating Japanese websites right now expanding on my post about plutonium and strontium being detected in the US from the Fukushima nuclear reactor. The author says new EPA radiation data shows the levels of plutonium detected in California are 43 times higher in California and 11 Times higher in Hawaii that the highest levels detected in over 20 years. The author additionally expands upon the data first discovered by Lucas Hixton Whitefield and found US EPA radiation data showing plutonium and Uranium in Guam, Tokyo and Ibaraki Japa while the Japanese Government continues to deny such radioactive contamination as "rumors" to protect TEPCO.
    Source: blog.alexanderhiggins.com

  • Geiger Counter Circuits

    These circuits generate high voltages and can cause dangerous shocks! Do not build these devices unless you are experienced and qualified to work on high voltage devices.
    Source: techlib.com

  • High Levels Of Radiation Reported At Perry Nuclear Power Plant In Ohio

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a supposed government oversight agency that is actually funded by the nuclear industry itself, has started a special investigation into high levels of radiation reported at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio. The Plant was evacuated on April 22nd after radiation levels rose when the plant was shutting down for a refueling outage. Officials have been quiet on details, opting instead to force the public to believe an agency with a long history of cover ups.
    Source: theintelhub.com

  • “Gross Miscarriage of Radiation Science,” In Fukushima As Strontium Found In Hawaii Milk

    In a time when very few experts speak out against the official line, nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen has been an outspoken critic of the cover up of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Speaking to Russia Today, Gundersen was quoted as saying that Japanese officials have taken part in a gross miscarriage of radiation science by not evacuating children and pregnant mothers from areas that have been clearly devastated by the high levels of radiation released from the tsunami stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant. Arnie also stated that the plan to cover the reactors in a protective shield will not work due to the fact that a lot of the radiation is leaking down into the ground water. Putting a cap on the reactors will not stop the radiation that is seeping downwards.
    Source: theintelhub.com

  • Downed EPA Radiation site caused stir amid Fukushima monster cover-up

    The incident was noted mainly among progressives due to their awareness about the continuing cover-up of radiation now falling on the United States, with no word of warning by the American president nor the Japanese Prime Minister. On the contrary, recently, Prime Minister Naoto Kan of Japan stated about the same time Fukushima was reclassified a level 7 accident, same as Chernobyl: “From now on, people…should live life as normal,” and should “consume products from the areas that have been affected” to “support the area.” To the PM Kan's statements, Michael Carlen of Presstorm in his article, "The Great Fukushima Cover-up." asked, "Who does he think he's kidding? In a word, "Sheeple, as illustrator David Dees answered with his most recent artwork (exhibited on this page).
    Source: examiner.com


Radioactive news 26 April 2011

  • Tepco To Flood Damaged Reactors With Water

    Recovery workers at Japan's quake-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear-power complex are preparing to flood damaged reactors with thousands of tons of additional water in an extraordinary step to cool them, despite worries that leaks could result and exacerbate dangerous conditions at the site.
    Source: e.nikkei.com

  • The Reality of Environmental Destruction; Nature Doesn't Care What You Believe

    Richard William Posner Activist Post A Simple, Fun Project You Can Try At Home! For those of you who believe that global environmental issues are something you needn't think about, I have a small experiment you can try that might serve to enlighten you. Hop in your 10-mpg SUV and motor on down to that most magnificent monster of monuments to consumerism, your local WalMart, and buy yourself a fishbowl. Not an aquarium, just a regular little goldfish bowl. Then, so you’ll have a reason for owning a fishbowl, purchase a few goldfish. Don't get anything fancy or expensive. This is not a long-term investment. Get a little fish food while you’re at it. You won’t need much.
    Source: activistpost.com

  • West is at Mercy of Stuxnet, German Analyst Hints

    German cyber-security expert Ralph Langner, who helped unravel the Stuxnet virus, told a global audience in March that the worm could be used as a weapon of mass destruction against targets in the West. At the end of his presentation on the subject, Langner arguably seemed to hint at the possibility that Israel is part of the danger.
    Source: israelnationalnews.com

  • Is a Rogue Computer Virus Shutting Down Nuclear Plants Worldwide?

    And the Telegraph noted last month: A showreel played at a retirement party for the head of the Israeli Defence Forces has strengthened claims the country's security forces were responsible for a cyber attack on the Iranian nuclear programme. The video of Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi's operational successes included references to Stuxnet, a computer virus that disrupted the Natanz nuclear enrichment site last year, Ha'aretz reported. Although Israel has not officially accepted responsibility for the Stuxnet attack, evidence of its role has been mounting since it was first discovered last July.
    Source: washingtonsblog.com

  • Japan Radiation Forecast For Late April

    Japan Fukusjhima Nuclear Radiation Fallout Cloud Forecast For Xenon For Aprile 25th, April 26th, April 27th, April 28th, April 29th And April 30th 2011
    Source: youtube.com

  • Bioaccumulation: Why Fukushima Matters

    What is Bioaccumulation? Simply Stated - All living organisms are connected to each other through a food chain. It takes more organisms in the beginning of a food chain to support a smaller number of organisms at the end of the chain. Where bioaccumulation refers to how pollutants enter a food chain; biomagnification refers to the tendency of pollutants to concentrate as they move from one trophic level to the next, up the “food chain.” * Bioaccumulation refers to how pollutants enter a food chain * Biomagnification refers to the tendency of pollutants to concentrate
    Source: theintelhub.com


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