News about nuclear accident in Fukushima in April 2011

Radioactive news 22 April 2011

  • Tepco Fails to Get Assurance on Restarting Second Fukushima Nuclear Plant

    Tokyo Electric Power Co., the company at the center of Japan’s nuclear disaster, failed to get an assurance from Fukushima prefecture’s governor that a second plant in the area can be restarted.

    Tokyo Electric President Masataka Shimizu met Governor Yuhei Sato in the prefectural office in Fukushima city earlier today to apologize for the accident, said Katsuhiro Kiko, a spokesman at the local government.

    Shimizu, who was refused meetings with the governor on April 11 and March 22, outlined plans to bring the crisis under control. Sato told reporters after the meeting that Tepco can’t restart nuclear power plants without safety guarantees, according to Kiko.


    Since its introduction in the 1950?s, the myths surrounding nuclear power have been worked up into a complex web as massive and multiple as the debts and deficits assailing government leaderships and central bankers in most OECD countries, but like these myth-based no alternatives, the nuclear myths are easy to cut back to basics.

  • EPA In Ohio Admits Radiation In Drinking Water Harmful At 3 Picocuries Per Liter

    Across the nation radioactive iodine has been detected at hundreds of times higher than the 3 picocuries per liter level and the EPA continues to claim the levels detected are safe. In a report published today by a local Ohio newspaper, the local EPA official admitted to the paper that Iodine radiation is harmful at 3 Picocuries per liter. Apparently the EPA official who spoke to this reporter didn’t get the memo that the EPA is covering up the harmful levels of radiation being found in the rain, milk and drinking water across the US.

  • Nuclear Fallout Evacuation Zone Expanded To Nearly 50 KM or 30 Miles From Fukushima

    Japan officially sets a new evacuation zone on April 22, 2011 which includes prefectures BEYOND THE PREVIOUS 30 KM radius FROM the Fukushima Nuclear power plant included. Residents who return to the area face criminal penalties. The new ban is to keep residents away from high levels of Radioactive fallout sweeping across Japan.

  • Another Fire At The Japan Nuclear Reactor? Fukushima Is Smoking Again!

    Several anonymous tips have come in pointing out a new column of radioactive steam has began to rise from the Fukushima nuclear reactor. The webcam apparently only takes pictures once and hour and even then all pictures are not being posted online.

    Here are some more of the latest photos from the web cam where a radioactive plume of smoke can be seen coming from the Fukushima nuclear reactor.

  • Reactor 1 water level concerns

    The Japanese government has expressed concern about the structural strength of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant's Number 1 reactor. It says the ongoing water injections may be making the vessel less earthquake resistant.

    Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, is planning to fill part of the containment vessel with water to cool the reactor. TEPCO wants the water level to reach the top of the fuel rods in reactors one and three by mid July, so it can cool them under more stable conditions.


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