News about nuclear accident in Fukushima in April 2011

Radioactive news 28 April 2011

  • Japan Nuclear Operator Postpones Plan To Flood Reactor Vessel

    A plan to flood the containment vessel of one of the reactors at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex to better cool off its nuclear core was postponed Thursday, as concerns about possible leakage in the vessel made workers cautious about filling it with tens of thousands of tons of water.

  • UPDATE KEPCO joins TEPCO in the nuclear screw ups

    Japan update KEPCO no better than TEPCO Fukui is now showing radiation in Western Japan. Tsuruga and Mihama and Ohi they're all on the fritz. None of this is on TV here by the way. It's only in some papers and online, from Japanese blogers.

  • Rolling Stone: America‚Äôs Nuclear Nightmare

    Lochbaum, a nuclear engineer, says that Jaczko knows full well that what the NRC calls "defense in depth" at U.S. reactors has been seriously compromised over the years. In some places, highly radioactive spent fuel is stockpiled in what amounts to swimming pools located beside reactors. In other places, changes in the cooling systems at reactors have made them more vulnerable to a core meltdown if something goes wrong. A few weeks before Fukushima, Lochbaum authored a widely circulated report that underscored the NRC's haphazard performance, describing 14 serious "near-miss" events at nuclear plants last year alone. At the Indian Point reactor just north of New York City, federal inspectors discovered a water-containment system that had been leaking for 16 years.

  • Japan Forsees High Radiation Over The Next Year In Areas Not Evacuated

    Japan is not evacuating areas where forecasts show cumulative radiation doses over the course of the next year will far exceed annual legal radiation exposure limits. The Japanese government has also announced they are eliminating annual radiation exposure limits for nuclear workers altogether.

  • Fukushima Daiichi's shoreline to be sandbagged

    As aftershocks of the March 11th earthquake continue, the operator of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant will sandbag its shoreline as a temporary measure against another possible tsunami.

  • Latest Tepco Data Shows Ongoing Nuclear Meltdown At Fukushima Reactor 2 In Japan

    The latest Tepco data shows and ongoing nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear reactor 2 in Japan according to an analysis performed by a GLG Consulting Group expert. That analysis reveals that the latest TEPCO data released on April 28th shows an ongoing criticality which is evidenced by an increasing the ratio of iodine to cesium in the groundwater coming from the number 2 reactor.


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