Fukushima timeline - July 2011

Radioactive news 28 July 2011

  • #Radiation in Japan: How the Brainwashing Was Done in Fukushima

    An article appeared in the local (Ishikawa Prefecture) version of Mainichi Shinbun on July 25. The article was about the anti-nuke demonstration in Kanazawa City in Ishikawa on July 24, and it contained this passage: ...

    Among the participants was Mr. Takumi Aizawa, a school worker at Kusano Elementary School in Iitate-mura in Fukushima Prefecture, which has been designated as "planned evacuation zone" by the national government. Mr. Aizawa told the demonstrators, "After the earthquake there was no information. Then a university professor sent by the government came to the village and said, "You can eat vegetables harvested in the village if you wash them". Children, who had been evacuated, then started to come back [on that reassuring word] and they got irradiated."

    What? And who was this professor? I suspected Dr. "100 millisieverts" Yamashita, but it turned out to be his younger sidekick, Dr. Noboru Takamura of Nagasaki University.
    Source: ex-skf.blogspot.com

  • Solar power plants to start operation in Kawasaki

    A solar power plant is to start operation in Kawasaki, near Tokyo, in mid- August.

    Kawasaki City and Tokyo Electric Power Company have jointly built the plant on 11 hectares of reclaimed land in the Ukishima district along Tokyo Bay.

    The plant, which has 38,000 solar panels -- each measuring 1.3 meters by 1 meter -- is expected to generate 7.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, enough to supply to 2,000 average households.
    Source: nhk.or.jp

  • Fukushima ranchers fear summer heat will kill cattle

    MINAMI-SOMA, Fukushima Prefecture--Unable to ship their beef, ranchers in Fukushima Prefecture are increasingly worried that their beef cattle, fattened to the limit, will not survive the sweltering heat this summer.

    The government banned shipments of beef cattle in the prefecture last week after tests on some meat from the animals revealed levels of radioactive cesium exceeding government safety standards.
    Source: asahi.com

  • Japan slow to close door on nuclear food

    TOKYO - Somehow, when much of the world was worried about nuclear fallout from Japan, it never occurred to thousands of farmers and government officials that radioactive particles spewing into eastern Japan since March might end up in the food chain via rice straw left outside to dry.

    Either that, or after the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant farmers and officials knowingly ignored public safety concerns to profit from the sale of straw, cows and other perishable food items before they would have to be thrown out, slaughtered or burned.
    Source: atimes.com

  • Nagasaki mayor: shift from nuclear power needed

    The mayor of Nagasaki City will for the first time call for a shift away from nuclear energy in his annual peace declaration on August 9th, amid the ongoing nuclear crisis in Fukushima.
    Source: nhk.or.jp

  • UPDATE 1-Japan cattle shipment halt expands amid radiation scare

    * Govt bans Miyagi beef shipments due to radiation worries

    * Excessive radiation found in vegetables, tea, seafood (Adds government confirmation, quotes, rice info)

    (Reuters) - Japan extended on Thursday its ban on beef cattle shipments to include Miyagi prefecture after finding radiation levels exceeding safety standards in some cattle, adding to worries over food safety as the country grapples with the world's worst nuclear crisis in 25 years.
    Source: reuters.com

  • Areva warns future unclear after Fukushima

    Areva, the world’s biggest maker of atomic reactors, has warned that it remains “extremely difficult” to assess the long-term impact on the industry of the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster but said orders were only €1bn ($1.4bn) lower than before the event.

    Source: ft.com

  • #Radioactive Compost Has Already Spread Wide

    From the press release by Akita prefectural government on July 25:

    A resident in Akita Prefecture alerted the authorities when the bag of leaf compost that he purchased from a local garden/home center measured high in radiation with his portable survey meter. The authorities tested the content of the bag, and it had 11,000 becquerels/kg of cesium.
    Source: ex-skf.blogspot.com

  • UPDATE: Areva Profits Drop, Warns Of Deeper Long-term Fukushima Hit

    PARIS (Dow Jones)--French state-controlled nuclear engineering firm Areva SA (AREVA.FR) Wednesday reported a large drop in quarterly earnings and warned that it is still too soon to assess the full consequences of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on its long-term financial outlook.

    In the first half of 2011, Areva's net profit stood at EUR351 million, down from the EUR843 million a year earlier. Operating income excluding special items fell to EUR62 million in the period from EUR213 million a year earlier.

    But Areva's earnings statement was even more noteworthy as an articulation of the new uncertainty that shadows the nuclear business following Fukushima. Areva has touted its 3rd generation EPR reactor as the world's safest nuclear source.
    Source: online.wsj.com

  • IAEA Hopes To Review Japan's Nuclear 'Stress Tests': Amano

    TOKYO (Kyodo)--International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano said Thursday that the nuclear watchdog hopes to review the outcome of Japan's so -called ''stress tests'' on nuclear reactors, saying that an international viewpoint would help to increase the credibility of the safety checks.
    Source: e.nikkei.com

  • Professor: Claim That "Radiation Is Good For You" Is "An Incredible Lie"

    A Professor From The State University of New York Says That The Nuclear Industry Propaganda That 'Radiation Is Good For You' Is 'An Incredible Lie'

    Karl Grossman, a professor at State University of New York College gave an interview to Press TV on the effects of Japan nuclear radiation on the people in Japan and the United states.

    Source: examiner.com via WRH

  • 310 children transferred to schools outside Fukushima city

    FUKUSHIMA--In Fukushima city, 310 schoolchildren were transferred to schools elsewhere by the end of the first semester due to radiation fears, according to a survey by the city education board.

    Fukushima, whose center is about 60 kilometers from the crisis-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, is currently not included in any designated evacuation zones.

    The survey is the first revelation that schoolchildren in areas under orders to evacuate are being relocated over radiation fears.

    Among the 310 children, many were transferred by their parents or guardians to schools in areas of relatives or acquaintances residing outside Fukushima Prefecture. Many mothers accompanied the children, while the fathers remained in Fukushima city, education board officials said.
    Source: yomiuri.co.jp

  • Documents in nuclear sector, missing, others burn down

    Economy Minister asks for an investigation in the missing documents case.

    A new scandal is brewing after some documents related to the nuclear sector went missing. According to HotNews, several documents from the Autonomous Direction for Nuclear Activities vanished, while other documents from the National Nuclear Activity Watch Commission (CNCAN) archive burned down. Vajda Borbala, the chair of the commission, confirmed that documents from the archive had burned down, but claims this has not affected in any way the activity, as they are saved in electronic format as well. “This wasn’t the classified archive. These were documents also available in the electronic archive,” Vajda stated, for the aforementioned source. Asked what had caused the fire, the chair claimed it had started “from a computer, from a socket, there was a problem with the electronic system”.
    Source: nineoclock.ro via WRH

  • 'Radiation hormesis an incredible lie'

    The nuclear theory 'radiation hormesis' - the hypothesis that low doses of ionizing radiation are beneficial - is "an incredible lie."

    "A lot of nuclear scientists … actually have the nerve to claim that radiation is good for you, and they have this theory called 'radiation hormesis' and they claim that radioactivity exercises the immune system and it's a healthy thing for people. Essentially what they are doing is promoting their technology with this incredible lie," Karl Grossman, a professor at State University of New York College told Press TV's U.S. Desk in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.
    Source: weeklyintercept.blogspot.com via WRH


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