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Radioactive News 30 august 2011

  • Joint efforts needed on replacing nuclear power - Jean Asselborn - Luxembourg's Deputy Prime Minister

    The Great East Japan Earthquake has prompted a lot of debate within the European Union about atomic energy. The damage from a disaster at a European nuclear power plant would spread beyond national borders. In the 1970s, Luxembourg itself had plans to build nuclear power stations, but it now calls for their abolition--not just within Luxembourg--but also throughout other neighboring states.

    Cattenom, in the eastern part of France, lies only 10 or so kilometers from the border with Luxembourg and is home to an operating nuclear plant, built in the 1980s.

    Even if a country possesses no nuclear plants of its own, it is still vulnerable to any incident that occurs in a nearby country. Radiation does not respect borders. The tragic events in Japan have made us feel even more vulnerable than before.

    At the same time, I believe we have a responsibility to support moves to abolish nuclear power plants worldwide.

    Source: asahi.com

  • Gov't to lift power-saving decree earlier than planned

    Restrictions on power use in and around Tokyo will be lifted two weeks earlier than scheduled thanks to an improved supply and demand balance...

    webmasters comment:

    And they did this with 80% of nuclear power plants shut down. So do they really need them or is all this  terror in the name of profit?

    Source: japantoday.com

  • #Radiation in Japan: Something's Rotten in Yokohama City

    Well, I have to defend the City somewhat, because by no means Yokohama is alone, even though it has most number of schools (158) in the country that served beef contaminated with radioactive cesium.

    The following are the recent happenings in Yokohama City, as I picked from the message board maintained by Yokohama City Assemblyman Masataka Ota, who's been fighting to remove contaminated food items including cesium beef from children's school lunches.
    Source: ex-skf.blogspot.com

  • Japan's Idea of Decontamination: Give Manual to Citizens and Let Them Do It

    So the vast tract of East Japan has been contaminated with radioactive materials that came out of nuclear fuel rods that were melted down (and through and possibly out), and many areas are more contaminated than the radiation control area of a nuclear power plant which requires strict control and decontamination by nuclear professionals in case of an accident.
    Source: ex-skf.blogspot.com

  • Radioactive waste swamps Japan sewage plants

    Environmental experts in Japan are warning of new fallout from the country's nuclear crisis.

    Radioactive waste is piling up at several sewerage plants, well away from the crippled Fukushima reactor.

    Months after the tsunami and earthquake that triggered the nuclear meltdown, the government still has no policy on what to do with the waste.

    Al Jazeera's Steve Chao reports from Saitama.

    Source: AlJazeeraEnglish

  • Extreme soil contamination detected near Fukushima plant

    Extreme levels of radiation have been detected in soil within 40 kilometers of the quake-stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the science ministry said.

    The finding emerged in a map published Aug. 29 that for the first time shows contamination levels of areas within a 100-km radius of the plant.

    One location in the town of Okuma had the highest value at about 30 million becquerels of cesium of all types per square meter.
    Source: asahi.com

  • 34 spots top Chernobyl evacuation standard

    Soil at 34 spots in six Fukushima Prefecture municipalities has been contaminated with levels of radioactive cesium higher than the standard used for forcible evacuations after the Chernobyl disaster, it has been learned.
    Source: newsonjapan.com

  • Nuclear accident affecting foreign student numbers

    According to the Ministry of Justice, in the 21-day period from the day of the disaster to April 1, approximately 470,000 foreigners left Japan. Of those, close to 70,000 were international students.
    Source: asahi.com

  • Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log - Full update

    → Chronology of Updates: 2 June | 12-18 May | 4-11 May | 5 May | 3 May | 2 May | 28 April | 27 April | 26 April | 21 April | 20 April | 19 April | 18 April | 15 April | 14 April | 13 April | 12 April | 11 April | 10 April | 9 April | 8 April | 7 April | 6 April | 5 April | 4 April | 3 April | 2 April | 1 April | 31 March | 30 March | 29 March | 28 March | 27 March | 26 March | 25 March | 24 March | 23 March | 22 March | 21 March | 20 March | 19 March | 18 March | 17 March | 16 March | 15 March | 14 March | 13 March | 12 March | 11 March |

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    Almost 3 months since the last update on Fukushima from International Atomic Energy Agency... Probably they are still busy searching for those nukes in Iraq or smth?

    Source: iaea.org

  • 80% of Japan's reactors out of service

    Another nuclear reactor in Japan will soon be shut down for regular inspections, leaving nearly 80 percent of the country's reactors out of service.

    Kyushu Electric Power Company says it will begin work on Wednesday to halt operations at the No.2 reactor at the Sendai nuclear power plant. The reactor will be shut down by Thursday morning.
    Source: nhk.or.jp

  • Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant -photo 30.8.2011

    Photo taken from a Kyodo News helicopter shows (from R to L) the Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4 reactor buildings at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture on Aug. 30, 2011

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    Megafloats still there. Click fw for 2 more pics of cranes

    Source: english.kyodonews.jp

  • Video of Fukushima Worker Pointing at Live Feed Camera Pt-1

    webmasters comment:

    If you like psycological thrillers... 15mins of weirdness par excellence.

    But seriously...This man is a source of invaluable information that gives us the ability to analyze the angles, distances and perspectives of the webcam...

    Source: gonecyco

  • Fukushima Update 30/08/11 - Radiation Limit to be Lowered for Staff

    Radiation limit to be lowered for Fukushima staff

    Based on the reduced exposure, the ministry has concluded that there is no longer a need to maintain the higher provisional radiation limit.

    webmasters comment:

    I think running out of workers is a much more likely reason behind this move. 

  • Source: TheFreedom2resist

  • Greenpeace seeks nuclear action from Noda

    The environmental group urged the new government to delay the Sept 1 opening of schools in Fukushima city, northwest of the stricken plant, arguing that radiation in the air and soil spell a health threat to children.

    It also criticized a new government decontamination plan for the greater Fukushima area as “deplorably late and inadequate.”
    Source: japantoday.com

  • The Parody of Radio-Active Annie

    Fukushima :mirrored video: Uploaded by(Angeli Alveres.) angelialvares on Aug 20, 2011 light hip hop dance rhythm with melodic overtones

    The Parody of Radio-Active Annie

    UFO (Unidentified Financial Object)

    Fukushima is not only a Japanese holocaust, it is a global catastrophe.
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