Fukushima timeline - October 2011

Radioactive news 23 October 2011

  • Blood clots found in veins of evacuees' legs

    ISHINOMAKI, Miyagi--Seven percent of residents in temporary housing units for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, have developed blood clots in their legs similar to those suffered by airline passengers in so-called economy-class syndrome, according to local doctors.

    The doctors at Ishinomaki Red Cross Hospital conducted health checks on 190 residents in the units and found that 13 of them suffered from blood clots in deep leg veins.

    The incidence of the problem, known as deep vein thrombosis, was high in shelters, where evacuees remain inactive in limited spaces for long periods.

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    Deep Vein Thrombosis - DVT can be caused by a narrowed or blocked vein, which allows the blood to clot. This can be brought on by an injury to the vein (such as a sharp blow to the leg), or following surgery or radiation therapy.

    Source: yomiuri.co.jp

  • Japan, France agree to boost cooperation on nuclear safety

    Noda and Fillon said at a joint press conference after their talks in Tokyo that Japan and France have compiled a statement on nuclear safety, pledging that they will act together to promote the strengthening of international nuclear safety standards.

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    Like 20 mSv/year dose for population?

    Source: mdn.mainichi.jp

  • News: Ignorant government is making the situation way worse than Chernobyl

    Kashiwa local government buried 25 tons of radioactive refuse incineration ash into their disposal area between 6/4/11 ~ 6/22/2011.

    They abandoned it at least for 3 times and it was 70,800 Bq/Kg.

    The disposal area is surrounded by residential streets, schools and hospitals.

    Also, they “secretly” abandoned radioactive waste (Cs-134: 23,663 Bq/Kg; Cs-137: 28,884 Bq/Kg; Total: 52,547 Bq/Kg) in the middle of a residential streets, where is 1.2km away from Kashiwa station, JR line.

    Source: fukushima-diary.com

  • Dubai School of Government highlights potential of eco-friendly infrastructure investments across Middle East

    Eco-friendly infrastructure and intelligent transport systems help to build a strong, sustainable foundation for future growth and national development. Dubai and the UAE can benefit by learning from Japan's experiences in these areas, according to His Excellency Tariq Lootah, Executive President of the Dubai School of Government (DSG).

    webmasters comment:

    disquisting... japan is pushing nuclear power in a basket with green tech as part of "eco-friendly infrastructure" ...

    and check out this BS.

    He also emphasized on the growing need for integrated infrastructure solutions such as high-speed railways and the establishment of environmentally friendly nuclear power plants (NPP) in the Middle East similar to those in France, the US and Russia.

    Source: ameinfo.com

  • Crack at OH nuclear plant spurs nuclear opponents

    TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - Anti-nuclear activists have stepped up their opposition to renewing the license of an Ohio atomic energy plant after a 30-foot hairline crack was discovered in concrete at the facility.

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    hairline crack... where are they pulling this stuff from?

    Source: 13abc.com

  • Boom! Welcome to the shale gas revolution!

    American technology, borrowing offshore deep-water drilling techniques, has started exploiting huge deposits of natural gas buried deep in the earth below shale rock. It would be hard to exaggerate the meaning of this “new” fuel for the American economy – and the world, what with three-quarters of the known new resources outside North America.

    These discoveries already dwarf proved conventional gas reserves. A decade of early exploitation by American technological pioneers has produced a domestic natural gas surplus, so much so U.S. prices are a fraction of liquefied natural gas [LNG] prices in East Asia. There appear to be export prospects as soon as ocean terminals designed for LNG imports can be refitted – the first significant exports since the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo.

    Source: yeoldecrabb.wordpress.com

  • The cold facts behind a hot internet graphic of a nuclear powered jet

    But if the curious reader drills down into the accessible literature on LENR it quickly becomes apparent that the main problem with the underlying theories is that THEY DON’T WORK.

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    how desperate are they? Passenger seats around nuclear reactors? Litle plastic Fukushimas flying above our heads?...

    I guess nuclear industry first wanted to go with undressed ladies, but later realised that the japanese have undermined that option with their 1m above ground measurments fiasco... :/

    Source: blogs.crikey.com.au

  • Forests to be used to store radioactive soil

    The sites will be located tens or even hundreds of meters from residential areas.

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    Tens or even hundreds of meters from residential areas? Want applause with that?

    Source: yomiuri.co.jp

  • Tokyo to become dumping ground for radioactive rubble from Fukushima disaster

    (NaturalNews) Authorities from Fukushima and other disaster-stricken areas in Japan say they do not have the capacity to process and dispose of all the radioactive rubble left over from the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck back in March.

    A large portion of that waste is going to be transferred to Tokyo, according to a recent report by The Mainichi Daily News, a move that some are concerned may result in additional environmental and human harm.

    Source: naturalnews.com

  • High-level radioactive cesium detected in soil in Kashiwa

    Up to 276,000 becquerels of cesium per kilogram of soil was detected 30 centimeters below the surface on Friday after an abnormal level of airborne radiation was found earlier in the week, the municipality said.

    Source: mdn.mainichi.jp

  • Texas to Double Wind Power by 2013

    Record breaking wind energy generation in Texas earlier this month gives way to a wind power project that should nearly double the state's capacity. Estimated to cost $6.8 million, transmission lines will be built to transmit wind energy from remote areas like Sweetwater to major cities like Dallas by the end of 2013.

    Earlier this month, wind energy generation in Texas set a new record of electricity output of 7,400 megawatts. The peak generation on the afternoon of Oct. 7, accounted for 15.2 percent of the power grid under the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which serves a substantial majority of the state's population.

    Source: energydigital.com

  • Japan's Tepco to sell 20 percent stake in wind power unit-Nikkei

    Tokyo Electric Power Co (9501.T) is likely to sell a 20 percent stake in wind power developer Eurus Energy Holdings to trading firm Toyota Tsusho (8015.T) to help raise funds to compensate victims of Japan's nuclear crisis, a newspaper said on Sunday.

    webmasters comment:

    What Tepco is probably doing is transfering healthy assets in order to kill the company. Moneys will sink god knows where, while japanese taxpayers will get left behind with the bill... Just guessing...

    Source: uk.reuters.com

  • CPI-M and more to battle Jaitapur nuclear project

    The CPI-M said the people of Jaitapur and surrounding areas in Ratnagiri had been struggling against the nuclear project that will have six nuclear reactors bought from the French Areva company.

    ‘This project has displaced farmers and mango orchards… The livelihood of thousands of fishermen are threatened. There is a serious threat to ecology and environment of the region.

    ‘The Areva EPR reactors have not been commissioned anywhere in the world, not even in France. They are prohibitively expensive and the technology is untried and untested.

    webmasters comment:

    French are pushing their nukes around as used car salesmen...

    Source: inewsone.com

  • Japan to sell more bonds to fund reconstruction

    The amount announced yesterday was below predictions from analysts at UBS, Mizuho Securities and Nomura Securities as the government seeks to control the biggest debt burden in the industrialized world.

    Source: timesofoman.com

  • Korea, France to Hold Seminar on Nuclear Power Promotion

    Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency officials said that the seminar will mainly focus on the challenge of nuclear power policies and ways to obtain greater public acceptance of expanding the nation’s nuclear program.

    webmasters comment:

    well at least koreans call it what it is.

    Source: oilprice.com

  • Swedish nuclear reactor closed after fire

    Plant operator OKG's spokesman Anders Ostberg says a fire started in a turbine hall of Reactor 2 around midnight Saturday but was quickly extinguished by local rescue workers.

    Source: boston.com


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