Fukushima timeline - October 2011

Radioactive news 19 - 20 October 2011

  • Karachi nuclear reactor leaks

    A seven-hour emergency was declared at a key nuclear power plant in Pakistani city of Karachi after heavy water leaked from a feeder pipe of the reactor but no one was affected by radiation, officials said on Thursday. The emergency was declared at Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) at midnight on Tuesday after the leak in the primary heat transport system of the plant at Hawke's Bay was detected.

    Source: hindustantimes.com

  • Germany's "Heute Show" Making Fun of TEPCO, Japanese Government

    The clip below is from their show in April, making fun of the NISA, TEPCO and the Japanese government over their handling of the Fukushima I Nuke Plant disaster. A very popular video in Japan now. Some are wondering why none of the comedians in Japan is able to do the same.

    webmasters comment:

    Great video not just comedy wise but also in terms of showing german culture, that can be best observed through nations humor. If germans know how to do smth, is how to run a business and understanding that gives the glow to the vid. I have worked with german companies and i can tell you that it's a joy beacuse of such high profesionalism that is considered common and normal behaviour and not something that is an exception.

    Tepco... well. That's another story.

    Source: ex-skf.blogspot.com

  • Panel proposes widening nuclear evacuation perimeter to 30 km

    The secretariat of the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan proposed on Thursday expanding the maximum evacuation perimeter around a nuclear power plant to a 30-kilometer radius from the current 10 km in the event of a future nuclear accident.

    webmasters comment:

    This comes right after they announced the "cold shutdown sooner than expected" fairytale. Again.

    And while at it, dear members of NSC, add a zero to that number if you are allready changing it, so this time it covers Tokyo. You know, in "the event of a future nuclear accident"...

    Source: english.kyodonews.jp

  • *JUST IN* Paper: “Now evidence has emerged that the radiation in Canada was worse than Canadian officials ever let on” — Radioactive coverup?

    VANCOUVER, Oct. 20 — “Now evidence has emerged that the radiation in Canada was worse than Canadian officials ever let on,” Canada’s largest urban weekly, The Georgia Straight out of Vancouver, reported today.

    “Public officials in Japan and Canada alike jumped straight into Chernobyl -style damage-control mode, dismissing any worries about impacts,” writes The Straight’s Alex Roslin.

    webmasters comment:

    what a surprise... All radioactive.eu.com regular readers that occassionally click on Fukushima winds tab, are aware of one simple fact.

    With minor alterations, winds are always blowing towards Canada.

    Source: enenews.com

  • What are officials hiding about Fukushima?

    After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986, Soviet officials were vilified for hiding the impacts from the public.

    But when Japan’s Fukushima nuclear accident took place last March, public officials in Japan and Canada alike jumped straight into Chernobyl-style damage-control mode, dismissing any worries about impacts.

    Source: straight.com

  • Pakistan Army Chief warns US, flexes nuke muscle

    webmasters comment:

    Flexing nuke muscles has lately become a bodybuilding contest.

    I was wondering from the start on how could shills in japan government think for a moment that they will get away with all they are doing to the nation and from the start there was this tiny paranoid nerve calling out "nuclear war".

    It's getting louder lately.

    Source: ibnlive via WRH

  • Insomnia soars in disaster-hit prefectures

    Four months after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the rate of insomnia among people in the three prefectures hit hardest by the disaster was about five times the level there before the disaster, it has been learned.
    Source: yomiuri.co.jp

    webmasters comment:

    Do a quick search on "insomnia radiation"... this is one of the first results that summs it up nicely.

    Radiation exposure can cause a person to have a weakened immune system and related health problems throughout his entire life. This exposure causes devastating illnesses, such as cancer and degenerative diseases, but it can also cause minor ailments, such as a persistent cough, headaches, sleep disturbances and gastrointestinal dysfunction.
  • Fukushima crisis could have been avoided: French nuclear commission

    "There was a need to inject seawater from outside within six to 12 hours...and I think it was physically possible to avoid (the accident), although I can say this only now," Bernard Bigot said during a question and answer session after delivering a speech in Tokyo.

    webmasters comment:

    People in France can relax. If one of french nukes starts to melt they will pour some water on it and they will do it much faster than the japanese.

    Nuclear industry around the world, update your disaster plans. Blackout everything and just write one simple thing.

    Pour some water on it.

    Source: mdn.mainichi.jp

  • Has TEPCO Cut Ties With Yakuza? Police Sources Still Skeptical.

    The Japanese NPA (National Police Agency) has directed TEPCO from as early as June, to keep the yakuza out of the workers—although many of the subcontractors of the subcontractors are known yakuza front companies.

    webmasters comment:

    This article is way off the real issue. There is billions of dollars in play for decontamination that everybody knows its futile attempt to begin with.

    But how can you control if an area was decontaminated if the company can simply claim that it got recontaminated again? Billions of dollars might just simply disapear into thin air and i m sure they will. And Tepco is still running the show.

    Source: japansubculture.com

  • #Fukushima I Nuke Plant: 450 Tonnes of Groundwater Per Day Seeping into Reactor/Turbine Bldgs

    Since the end of June when the contaminated water treatment system started the operation, total 50,000 tonnes of groundwater have seeped into the reactor buildings and turbine buildings at Fukushima I Nuke Plant. Now, the total amount of contaminated water (highly contaminated water plus not-so- highly contaminated, treated water) at the plant has grown from 127,000 tonnes at the end of June to 175,000 tonnes as of October 18, according to Asahi Shinbun.

    Source: ex-skf.blogspot.com

  • Send your message of solidarity to Japanese women staging anti-nuclear sit -in in Tokyo

    Everyday, the people of Japan continue to live with the consequences of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The aftermath has brought many scary realities to day-to-day life: the nuclear contamination of food supplies, the existence of radiation hotspots in public areas, children returning to schools where dangerous radiation levels have been detected.

    webmasters comment:

    Here's a better idea. Send your messages of anger to various departments of japans government, Tepco, Japan nuclear agency (be imaginative) send them links to websites like fairewinds.com, enenews.com, ex-skf and let them know the world is watching.

    Source: greenpeace.org


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