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Nuclear follies: ignoring radiation ownership and ignoring earthquake risks


Japan to Assess Reactor Aging Impact on Fukushima Accident

  • Japan to Assess Reactor Aging Impact on Fukushima Accident

    Tokyo, Nov. 29 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency started talks Tuesday to determine whether reactor aging had anything to do with the nuclear accident at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima No. 1 power plant.Of the three heavily damaged reactors at the plant, the No. 1 reactor marked its 40th year in operation soon after the crisis began on March 11. The No. 2 and No. 3 reactors are over 30 years old.

    webmasters comment:

    Radiation Effects on materials and devices

    Radiation may affect materials and devices in deleterious ways:

    - By causing the materials to become radioactive (mainly by neutron activation, or in presence of high-energy gamma radiation by photodisintegration), and thus having the potential to cause radiation poisoning.

    - By nuclear transmutation of the elements within the material and so changing its physical properties, although this is of far less importance than chemical changes.

    - By radiolysis (breaking chemical bonds) within the material, which can weaken it, cause it to swell, polymerize, promote corrosion, cause belittlements, promote cracking or otherwise change its desirable mechanical, optical, or electronic properties.

    - By formation of reactive compounds, affecting other materials (e.g. ozone cracking by ozone formed by ionization of air).

    - By ionization, causing electrical breakdown, particularly in semiconductors employed in electronic equipment, with subsequent currents introducing operation errors or even permanently damaging the devices. Devices intended for high radiation environments such as the nuclear industry and extra atmospheric (space) applications may be made radiation hard to resist such effects through design, material selection, and fabrication methods. (wikipedia)

    Source: jen.jiji.com


China Sends Ship Again to Study Ocean Contamination off Fukushima

  • China Sends Ship Again to Study Ocean Contamination off Fukushima

    Beijing, Nov. 29 (Jiji Press)--A Chinese survey ship left Tsingtao, Shandong Province, on Monday for the western Pacific to investigate radioactive contamination of the ocean following the nuclear accident at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima No. 1 plant.

    According to a Web site run by China's State Oceanic Administration, the ship and its crew of about 30 will spend 35 days at sea covering some 9,260 kilometers.

    Source: jen.jiji.com


Russia launches new missile defense to cover Atlantic

  • Russia launches new missile defense to cover Atlantic

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered operational the newest Russian radar system that protects from missile attacks and covers all Europe and Atlantic.

    Medvedev personally arrived in Russia’s westernmost exclave of Kaliningrad and received a report from the Space Defense Troops commander that the radar station was fully ready for the launch. After this, the president gave the order to put the radar on combat duty.

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Sea alert: Russian warships head for Syria

  • Sea alert: Russian warships head for Syria

    Moscow is deploying warships at its base in the Syrian port of Tartus. The long-planned mission comes, providentially, at the very moment when it could help prevent a potential conflict in the strategically important Middle Eastern country.

    ­The Russian battle group will consist of three vessels led by the heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser, Admiral Kuznetsov.

    Russian military officials insist that the move has no connection with the ongoing crisis in the region and was planned a year ago, the Izvestia newspaper reports. Apart from Syria, the aircraft carrier and its escort ships are set to visit the Lebanese capital, Beirut, Genoa in Italy and Cyprus, says the former Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Viktor Kravchenko.

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Fukushima Radiation Risks ``Severely Underestimated``: Greenpeace

  • Fukushima Radiation Risks ``Severely Underestimated``: Greenpeace

    Tokyo- (PanOrient News) Greenpeace today renewed its demand for the Japanese government to keep its nuclear reactors offline as simulation maps of potential accidents at Japan’s nuclear plants - used in the development of nuclear emergency response efforts - "are completely inadequate, and have not been updated since the Fukushima disaster."

    Following a Greenpeace freedom of information request on November 25, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) released SPEEDI simulations of the radioactive contamination spread from all nuclear plants in Japan. Greenpeace said these maps show only extremely low releases of radioactivity over a 10km area around the plants in the event of meltdown, making any emergency response plan based on them totally insufficient should another severe disaster like the Fukushima Daiichi crisis occur.

    Source: panorientnews.com


#Radiation in Japan: 450,000 Bq/Kg Cesium from Dirt in Kashiwa City, Chiba

  • #Radiation in Japan: 450,000 Bq/Kg Cesium from Dirt in Kashiwa City, Chiba

    It's the number you may expect to see in the most contaminated area inside Fukushima Prefecture, like Namie-machi, which is a focus of Asahi Shinbun's "Trap of Prometheus".

    But no, this is in Chiba Prefecture, and Kashiwa City is just outside of Tokyo.

    Yomiuri Shinbun (11/28/2011) reports:


    Regarding the localized high radiation spot in the city-owned land in Kashiwa City in Chiba Prefecture, the Ministry of the Environment announced on November 28 that the maximum 450,000 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium was detected in the soil 5 to 10 centimeters deep from the surface.

    Source: ex-skf.blogspot.com


Fukushima Airport files multi-billion yen lawsuit against TEPCO

  • Fukushima Airport files multi-billion yen lawsuit against TEPCO

    TOKYO (majirox news) — The Fukushima Airport filed a claim on Nov. 24 of 4.8 billion yen ($62.1 million) against Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).

    The airport sought reimbursement for lost revenue as a result of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident triggered by the March 11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, according to Fukushima Governor Yuhei Sato. The airport is located 60 km (40 miles) from the plant.

    According to Ikuo Itonuma, an airport spokesman, “Many domestic and international flights, especially those between Seoul and Fukushima, were canceled because the plant was leaking radiation. There was a 99% decrease in the number of international travelers, and only one charter flight from Switzerland carrying 194 passengers.”

    webmasters comment:

    That flight from Switzerland was probably Red Cross workers and volunteers.

    Other industries are getting completely destroyed because of the nuclear village people. Agriculture, water resources, manufacturers of all sorts, small business owners and so on..., all gone because of one deadly, abusive and corrupt lobby. Worst of the kind... No wonder everything is fine in IAEA eyes.

    Other industries will have to fight back in order to survive. The normal response of the markets will be that companies will rely on own alternative power sources more and more not only to cut costs but to eliminate unwanted danger to their business environment & operations. Markets are a living organism that learns fast.

    The only industry profiteering from nuclear accidents in again nuclear companies with "decon equipment" and ofc big pharma, that poured billions and billions into Japan in the first weeks of the crisis. Others simply get destroyed.

    Source: majiroxnews.com


Nuclear insurance group won't renew Fukushima plant's liability insurance

  • Nuclear insurance group won't renew Fukushima plant's liability insurance

    The Japan Atomic Energy Insurance Pool has decided not to renew the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant's insurance contract when it expires in January next year, it has been learned.

    The pool, a group formed by 23 nonlife insurance companies to provide nuclear power plant-related liability insurance, judged that the risks from the plant are still high, even though the nuclear disaster triggered by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami is gradually being brought under control.

    webmasters comment:

    LoL. What is this? the risks from the plant are still high... even though....is gradually being brought under control...

    These spin doctors are cracking me up.

    1st thing these companies asked Tepco was, " What would you like to insure exactly?"

    Source: mdn.mainichi.jp


Vladimir Putin launches Cold War rhetoric at mass rally

  • Vladimir Putin launches Cold War rhetoric at mass rally

    Vladimir Putin told the West to butt out of his country's internal affairs Speaking ahead of a parliamentary vote this weekend that his party is expected to win, the country's de facto president-in-waiting told the West to butt out of his country's internal affairs and to stop funding human rights groups that he disdainfully likened to Judas Escariot.

    "We know that representatives of some countries meet with people they fund, so-called grant receivers, and give them instructions and guidance for what work they need to do to influence the election campaign in our country," he alleged.

    In a sarcastic jab at the United States and the European Union, he said such countries would do better "to use the money to pay back their domestic debt".

    webmasters comment:

    If readers are wondering what are all these Iran, Russia, Pakistan etc articles doing on this web page... They are published as a dire warning that the domain of this page might actually have a literate meaning, but not that it was premeditated.

    With the continuing NATO military agenda and it's expansion of war rhetoric, now being countered with the same vigour from opposing nations, Europe, which is nearing its pre designed economic collapse is right in the middle of the retaliatory strikes that will inevitably happen if things escalate even with conventional warfare. But sadly, if conventional war will be waged on Europe's borders, the conflicts will sooner or later reach the nuclear stage, either by a nuclear attack or an attack on a nuclear power plant.

    The truth is, that the NATO establishment has set Europe (most importantly eastern Europe or the so called "Vilnious group" that will get hit the hardest in the case of rising conflicts), as its shield in its continuing fight against Russia and middle eastern nations. (No, the "cold war" never stopped).

    With Pakistan, Syria and probably Iran in the war scenario, Russia and China are not far behind.

    Europeans will inevitably get hit and most probably in the case of ww3, annihilated. It is MAD (mutual assured destruction) in the making, with Europe caught in the middle.

    I was wondering lately on how can all this madness be prevented, if there is anything that can be done to stop the return to the dark ages of the 16th century mentality, because that is exactly what the establishments are pumping out.

    It just makes me so mad, that in these great times of technology and Internet and space flights, all the establishment is capable to put out is moronic and devastating mindset.

    We have stopped dreaming!

    I want to skip the dark ages mentality, where the leaders of corporate inquisition cultists are forcing their utterly failed mentality onto humanity. I want to fast forward on the reoccurring spirals in time, to the age of exploration, where people can propel them selves to space if they want in search for new lands and planets, where the humanity sets it self to explore the universe around us.

    I want the humanity to realize that not all is discovered, that there are great changes and great future for us ahead, if... just if, we are to skip this point in time where the biggest mistake is about to be made. The unlimited potential of what we can be reached is right above the corner as is the ultimate black hole.

    I came to realize that the only thing, we the people have left, is ironically, to actually believe in the farce cast upon us, called democracy. By that i mean the realisation that we the people of the world have the power to stop this madness by refusing to allow our governments to draw red lines between us.

    How to fight the new world order? Come out with a better plan for it, its not hard to do. Hijack the idea, make it better, make it right, make it work, without the destruction of billions of people in the process.

    Source: refreshingnews9.blogspot.com via WRH


TEPCO did not act on tsunami risk projected for nuclear plant

  • TEPCO did not act on tsunami risk projected for nuclear plant

    TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s department responsible for managing nuclear power plant facilities did not act on a risk of massive tsunami near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant projected in an in-house study in 2008, ruling out an immediate need to better protect the power station from seawater flooding, company sources said Sunday.

    Despite the projection of a tsunami as high as 10.2 meters, officials of the department at the company's headquarters insisted that such a risk was unrealistic, they said. In March, the power station was ravaged by a tsunami as high as about 15 meters.

    webmasters comment:

    Ridiculing opposition is a common strategy of nuclear industry pudles. If you were to point out the risks of earthquakes, solar storms, floods, terrorist attacks etc, you will be asked if you got your doomsday bunker ready...

    And the problem is that the sheep follow such fools beacuse it is common today that brute force and idiotism are in bigger demand than caution and reason.

    Source: mdn.mainichi.jp


Photos: Japan's Miss International representative dazzles in evening dress, swimsuit


Japan nuclear plant director sick: company

  • Japan nuclear plant director sick: company

    The director of Japan's troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is stepping down because of illness, the plant's operator said on Monday, without revealing whether his condition was radiation- related.

    Masao Yoshida, 56, has been hospitalised for "treatment of illness" and will be relieved of his post as of Thursday, a spokeswoman for Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said.

    "We cannot give you details of his illness because they are private matters," Chie Hosoda said, declining to say whether his illness was related to exposure to radiation.

    "He is hospitalised where he is able to take time in his convalescence," she said.

    Yoshida has been on site at the plant since it was hit on March 11 by a massive earthquake and tsunami, which knocked its cooling system out and left some of its reactors in meltdowns in the worst nuclear accident since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

    webmasters comment:


    Source: news.yahoo.com


Nuclear waste train reaches German rail terminus

  • Nuclear waste train reaches German rail terminus

    A rail convoy taking radioactive waste from a French reprocessing centre to storage in northern Germany, completed the rail stage of its journey Monday, an AFP correspondent witnessed.

    The train, arrived at Dannenberg for unloading at 0404 GMT Monday, after a voyage from nuclear giant Areva's rail yard at Valognes, northwestern France, that started on Wednesday and was marked by fierce protests.

    From there, its cargo of 11 containers of waste are due to be unloaded onto trucks for the final 20- kilometre leg of the journey by road to the Gorleben storage facility on the River Elbe.

    webmasters comment:

    Often when reading through these articles i remember this one video that came out in the start of the accident, featuring a Japanese man saying, that all of the nuclear reactors should be entombed in giant blocks of concrete as an everlasting monuments to human stupidity.

    Source: emirates247.com


A New Urgency to the Problem of Storing Nuclear Waste

  • A New Urgency to the Problem of Storing Nuclear Waste

    AUSTIN, TEXAS — The nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, earlier this year caused many countries to rethink their appetite for nuclear power. It is also, in subtler ways, altering the fraught discussion of what to do with nuclear plants’ wastes.

    A prime example is Germany, which decided to shut down all its nuclear power plants by 2022 after the partial reactor meltdowns at Fukushima. That decision is making it easier for Germans to have a calm and focused discussion about a permanent disposal site for the plants’ wastes, analysts say.

    Previously, opponents of nuclear power worried that backing a permanent solution for the wastes would make it easier for nuclear power plants to continue to exist, according to Michael Sailer, the chief executive at the Öko-Institut in Berlin, a research and consulting group focused on sustainability.

    Anti-nuclear politicians, he said, felt that if they came out in favor of a permanent disposal site, “they support pro-nuclear people because they solve the waste problem.”.

    webmasters comment:

    They can stuff this analysts you know where. All people smart and humane enough to oppose nuclear power are aware that something has to be done regarding the nuclear waste and all know that hiding radioactive death traps deep underground is NOT a solution. That's just burying radioactive sludge under ground, nothing else. That doesn't solve anything.

    The real solution is to stop producing the waste, to stop this deadly and corrupt industry before it abolishes the humanity all together and only then can we focus on trying to repair the damage done.

    Source: nytimes.com


Iran: We'll fire 150,000 missiles at Israel if attacked

  • Iran: We'll fire 150,000 missiles at Israel if attacked

    Iranian Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi said Israel would be attacked with 150,000 missiles if it launches any military action against the Islamic Republic, the Iran Independent News Service reported Sunday.

    Source: ynetnews.com via WRH


The ELITE blew it , REVEALED their plans to start WORLD WAR 3

  • The ELITE blew it , REVEALED their plans to start WORLD WAR 3

    Summary: This guy General Wesley Clark revealed 2007 that US planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years INCLUDING iran, Now november 14th 2011 he was on CNN saying how IRAN must be invaded. CNN blew it by showing this video cause now it is out in the open what they are doing.

    Source: revolutionarypolitics.tv


Mysterious Radiation Identified by Nuclear Officials

  • Mysterious Radiation Identified by Nuclear Officials

    Mysterious Radiation Identified by Nuclear Officials

    By Ellen Cannon

    The source of a mysterious radiation detected in Europe was unknown until Thursday. Amounts of iodine-131 were detected across Europe including Austria and the Czech Republic. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) believes that after four weeks of investigation the source is a Hungarian factory producing medical isotopes.

    webmasters comment:

    Oh. So this problem is now solved? As the readers of this site know, the Hungary can not be source of the deteced Iodine in Europe. IAEA baking bullbiscuits in Hungary

    Source: examiner.com


US to resume building nuclear reactors; Japan’s Toshiba to supply gear

  • US to resume building nuclear reactors; Japan’s Toshiba to supply gear

    TOKYO — After 34 years, the United States is expected to resume construction of nuclear reactors by the end of the year, and Toshiba Corp. will export turbine equipment for the reactors to the U.S. early next month, it was learned Saturday.

    According to sources, construction will begin by year-end on the Nos. 3 and 4 reactors of the Alvin W. Vogtle Electric Generating Plant in Georgia and the Nos. 2 and 3 reactors of the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station in South Carolina.

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is expected to shortly approve the construction and operation of the reactors, which have been designed by Westinghouse Electric Co., a subsidiary of Toshiba.

    Source: theadvocate.com


Kepco reactor halt leaves just 10 in service nationwide

  • Kepco reactor halt leaves just 10 in service nationwide

    Only 10 of the nation's 54 nuclear reactors remain in service after Kansai Electric Power Co. closed the No. 2 reactor at its Takahama plant in Fukui Prefecture for an inspection late Friday evening.

    Although Kansai Electric expects the regular inspection to be completed in about four months, it remains uncertain when it will be able to restart the reactor, as the duration of the government's stress tests to evaluate its safety has yet to be determined.

    Source: japantimes.co.jp


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