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Tokyo Institute of Technology, Teijin Co-Develop Carbon Nanofiber with Electrical Properties

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, Teijin Co-Develop Carbon Nanofiber with Electrical Properties

    The Tokyo Institute of Technology and Teijin have jointly fabricated a carbon nanofiber with high conductivity and first-of-its-kind elliptical cross-section comprising well-developed graphite layers arranged in one direction.

    The extra-conductive carbon nanofiber has dimensions of 20 µm of length and 50-100 nm of minimum diameters to 100-300 nm of maximum diameters. Its high linear structure delivers an electrical conductivity that is 30% to 40% higher than that of the traditional carbon nanofiber

    Source: azom.com


Outrage over Japan's earthquake funds being used for whaling programme

  • Outrage over Japan's earthquake funds being used for whaling programme

    A growing number of Japanese environmental and consumer groups are protesting against the use of funds raised for March 11 devastating quake and tsunami reconstruction to subsidise the loss-making whaling fleet.

    The Japanese government recently gave the whalers 2.28 billion yen as part of a special budget for recovery from the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

    According to the Sydney Morning Herald, much of the extra funding will go towards security forces for the whaling fleet, which left Japan yesterday for the Antarctic.

    Now, a total of 18 Japanese non-government organisations, including the Environmental Lawyers Federation and Consumers Union have signed on to a protest letter to Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.

    "We demand the government not waste any more taxpayers' money on the whaling program, but instead spend this money on projects that actually help the people, communities and region affected by the tragic March 11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis," the letter said.

    Source: thejapannews.net


Kansai Electric reactor shut down at Mihama

  • Kansai Electric reactor shut down at Mihama

    The operator of the Mihama nuclear power plant in western Japan says it has shut down one of 3 reactors because of an ongoing leak of radioactive water within the reactor.

    Kansai Electric Power Company says work began on Wednesday night to manually shut down the number-2 reactor at Mihama in Fukui Prefecture. It was completed as of 4 AM on Thursday.

    The utility says radioactive water has been leaking from a valve in the pressure vessel into the collection tank since early November. It says there is a risk that the water will exceed the processing capacity of the tank.

    webmasters comment:

    From a valve in the pressure vessel... since early November.

    So nuclear reactors can continue operating for a month, even if their pressure vessel is visibly leaking? WTH is that? Safe nuclear power? Strict safety standards? Or a bunch of uranium loving homer simpsons?

    Source: nhk.or.jp


Gov't to put troubled TEPCO under its control with infusion of 1 trillion yen

  • Gov't to put troubled TEPCO under its control with infusion of 1 trillion yen

    The government is set to provide Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) with an infusion of 1 trillion yen in public funds to place the utility plagued by the Fukushima nuclear crisis under its control, government sources said.

    In return for the public funds, the government intends to replace a majority of the current members of its board led by Chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata.

    webmasters comment:

    Any government can nationalize a company and replace its members of the board in case where the company is a threat to national security. It can do much more than that without "injecting 1 trillion yen in public funds". This is a robbery, plain and simple.

    Source: mdn.mainichi.jp


Tokyo 'not doing enough' for Fukushima: Greenpeace

  • Tokyo 'not doing enough' for Fukushima: Greenpeace


    Fukushima’s residents are being left to their fate and not enough is being done to protect them against radiation nine months after Japan’s tsunami, environment group Greenpeace said Wednesday.

    The Dutch-based group lashed Tokyo after a probe by one of its nuclear experts, who called for the evacuation of pregnant women and children from Fukushima City, some 60 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

    “The inhabitants of Fukushima are being left to their fate,” Greenpeace radiation expert Ike Teuling said in a press release, issued from Amsterdam.

    Greenpeace said Teuling conducted an investigation around Fukushima City over the last few days and found the area still “seriously contaminated with radioactivity.”

    “Japan’s authorities are doing too little to protect residents of Fukushima City against radiation,” it said with Teuling adding: “The Japanese government has to at least evacuate pregnant women as well as children until their living area has been properly cleaned.”

    Teuling said tests showed “radioactive hotspots” with radiation “hundred times higher than the background radiation.”

    webmasters comment:

    The Hague, where war criminals are put on trial for genocide is a very suitable place to make this statement.

    Source: japantoday.com


Japan using quake disaster budget for whaling aid

  • Japan using quake disaster budget for whaling aid

    TOKYO —

    Japan on Wednesday confirmed it planned to use some of the public funds earmarked for quake and tsunami reconstruction to boost security for its controversial annual whaling hunt.

    Greenpeace charged that Tokyo was siphoning money from disaster victims by spending an extra 2.28 billion yen ($30 million) on beefed up security amid looming battles between the whaling fleet and environmental groups.

    Japan’s whaling fleet left port Tuesday for this season’s annual hunt in Antarctica, with the coast guard saying earlier that it would deploy an unspecified number of guards to protect it from anti-whaling activists.

    Source: japantoday.com


TEPCO shares fall on nationalisation report

  • TEPCO shares fall on nationalisation report

    TOKYO: Shares in Tokyo Electric Power tumbled Thursday after a report said the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant's operator would be effectively nationalised following a massive government share purchase.

    TEPCO shares plunged as much as 16.7 percent in early Tokyo trade after the Mainichi daily said the government was planning to buy about one trillion yen ($12.9 billion) worth of the firm's new shares next year.

    webmasters comment:

    Stocks ended up with 11% loss. The number 12.9 billion is also strangely similar to this years "reconstruction, decontamination" budget. Translated it costs 13 billion / year (at least) to maintain this circus display by the nuclear industry. 13 billion x 20 years = 260 billion (similar number posted in yesterdays article).

    As i predicted as soon as they sold their wind power units, they intend to transfer healthy assets then burn the company and leave tax payers with the bill. Government buying up Tepco is just a final confirmation or better finalization of the deal. The japanese people will unwillingly become the owners of a triple meltdown and the bastards responsible will laugh from the corner.

    The best banner from #occupy comes to mind: " I won't believe corporations are people untill Texas executes one of them".

    Corporate fascists, nuclear industry especially are wagging a war against the population of the world. Failure to realize that on a global scale will result in the final and inevitable destruction of the planet and everything on it. New sistem is needed where corporations are abolished, beacuse as is clearly seen on the Japan example, one corporation can destroy a country and will do so if given a chance.

    Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com


Tepco Mulling Release Of Low-level Radioactive Water Next March

  • Tepco Mulling Release Of Low-level Radioactive Water Next March

    TOKYO (Dow Jones)--Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501) said it is considering releasing into the Pacific Ocean low-level radioactive water now stored in tanks at the premises of its crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as the storage capacity may run short by March next year, Kyodo News reported Thursday.

    The plant operator known as Tepco said that the water would be released only after it clears the country's legal concentration limit of radioactive substances, including cesium and strontium, but a fisheries group immediately expressed strong concerns about the idea.

    The plant has been plagued with highly radioactive water accumulating inside reactor turbine buildings as a result of the continuing injection of water to cool the stricken Nos. 1 to 3 reactors.

    The water is currently recycled as a coolant after reducing its radioactive level through a water processing facility, installed after the plant was hit by the March 11 megaquake and tsunami.

    But as about 200 to 500 tons of groundwater a day flows into the reactor turbine buildings, the amount of water that is processed has exceeded that needed for injection into the reactors, according to Tepco spokesman Junichi Matsumoto.

    Source: e.nikkei.com


Hartmann: Fukushima...Has the China Syndrome now officially begun?

  • Hartmann: Fukushima...Has the China Syndrome now officially begun?

    Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. The crisis at Fukushima continues. Over the weekend - the crippled Japanese nuclear plant spewed even more highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean - roughly 45,000 liters in all. According to a French nuclear research institute - since the Fukushima nuclear crisis began in March - the plant has leaked more radioactive material into the ocean than has ever happened before in the history of the planet.

    Source: TheBigPictureRT


Armenian President Signals New Delay In Nuclear Plant Closure

  • Armenian President Signals New Delay In Nuclear Plant Closure

    YEREVAN -- President Serzh Sarkisian has given further indication that Armenia's government will delay the decommissioning of the controversial Metsamor nuclear power station that was expected to start by 2017, RFE/RL's Armenian Service reports.

    Sarkisian said the fate of Metsamor's sole functioning reactor is "closely connected" with the time frame for the construction of a new and more powerful plant at the same site, which is about 40 kilometers west of Yerevan.

    Armenia has been under pressure from the United States and the European Union to shut down the Soviet-era facility ever since one of its two reactors built in the 1970s was reactivated in 1995.

    Source: rferl.org


North Korea may soon be able to strike USA with ultimate doomsday weapon that deactivates (nearly) all electronics

  • North Korea may soon be able to strike USA with ultimate doomsday weapon that deactivates (nearly) all electronics

    ICBMs typically carry nuclear warheads, and they can easily target cities on the West Coast such as Los Angeles or Seattle. But even this threat doesn't compare to the "doomsday weapon" that China or Russia could almost certainly launch right now: A high-altitude EMP weapon (HEMP for short, and I'm not joking).

    High-Altitude EMP could fry the USA back into the pre-industrial age

    HEMP weapons are detonated in the high atmosphere, theoretically as high as 300 miles above the ground (well above the orbits of most satellites, even). Once detonated, the energy released by these weapons interacts with the Earth's magnetic field, producing an extremely fast and powerful electromagnetic burst that rushes to the ground at 94% the speed of light, slamming everything on the ground with as much as 50,000 volts per square meter at high amps.

    webmasters comment:

    Posting this not because i believe that North Korea is capable or crazy enough to attack the U.S., but beacuse of the obvious fact, that such nuclear weapons can in reality Turn Off the Internet. There's a scary thought for you!

    Source: naturalnews.com


Ohio Nuclear Plant With Cracked Concrete Restarts

  • Ohio Nuclear Plant With Cracked Concrete Restarts

    A nuclear reactor where cracks were discovered in the plant's concrete shell nearly two months ago began producing electricity again Tuesday, despite objections from a congressman who says unanswered questions are lingering about what happened.

    FirstEnergy Corp., the operator of the Davis-Besse plant near Toledo, said it should be at full power later this week.

    The plant along Lake Erie was shut down for maintenance in October when crews discovered a 30-foot hairline crack in the outer concrete wall that's designed to protect the reactor from anything that might hit it from outside such as storm debris.

    More cracks were found soon after, leading to closer inspections.

    Source: abcnews.go.com


Save Fukushima People, Stop Nuking Asia

  • Save Fukushima People, Stop Nuking Asia

    Pressenza Hong Kong, SAR, China, 12/5/11 The organizer of the 5 December 2011 protest was the Hong Kong Alliance Against Nukes, staging a protest action at the Japanese Consulate in Hong Kong. The emphasis was placed on the Fukushima plant’s nuclear radioactivity contamination releases that have not stopped nor decreased. Also, that the Japanese government is mis-informing the world, and of course it’s own people!

    By releasing false information and thereby downplaying the harm caused by radioactivity contamination in and coming from Japan the consulate is doing a disservice to Hong Kong. To rectify that, five demands were raised by the group to relay on to the Japanese government. These are:

    1. Immediately evacuate all the people living in Fukushima, particularly the 360,000 children who are most vulnerable to radiation harm; and assist the people to rebuild their livelihood in their nuclear-free new homeland.

    2. The Japanese government to instruct TEPCO to honestly disclose the health records of the 18,000 labour workers who have been employed, directly or by subcontractors, to clean up the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant since March 11, 2011.

    3. The Japanese government to acquire Food Radiation Counters and Whole Body Radiation Counters for communities within 1,500,000 square kilometres of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant*. It should also hire independent experts who have experience and reliable research in low dose radiation exposure sicknesses, such as Dr. Chris Busby (scientific secretary, European Committee on Radiation Risks) and scientists at Belrad, Belarus, to monitor children’s health.


    Source: pressenza.com via  aliceslater


Greenpeace Claims Japanese Tsunami Fund 'Used for Whaling Programme'

  • Greenpeace Claims Japanese Tsunami Fund 'Used for Whaling Programme'

    In a shocking allegation, animal rights activists charge that Japan used funds from its tsunami-recovery budget to subsidise its controversial annual whaling programme.

    Global environmental watchdog, Greenpeace, said around ¥2.3 billion ($30 million) was used to fund extra security measures for the island country's whaling fleet, according to a BBC report.

    webmasters comment:

    In case someone still thinks that i'm exagerating in todays previous comments on the subject.

    Source: ibtimes.com


UPDATE 1-Kansai Electric to manually shut Mihama nuclear unit

  • UPDATE 1-Kansai Electric to manually shut Mihama nuclear unit

    * Shutdown is safety precaution after slightly abnormal coolant leakage

    * No signs of radiation leakage

    * Mihama 500 MW unit one of only nine reactors still running in Japan (Adds background, details)

    TOKYO, Dec 7 (Reuters) - Kansai Electric Power Co will manually halt its Mihama No. 2 nuclear reactor as a safety precaution after it discovered unusual levels of coolant leaking from a valve inside the containment vessel, but there have been no radiation leaks, a company spokesman said on Wednesday.

    Japan's second-largest power utility said the problem at the 500 megawatt reactor in western Japan had not affected pressure inside the reactor vessel or the operation of the unit.

    Source: reuters.com


Japan Focuses Support on Countries Vulnerable to Climate Change

  • Japan Focuses Support on Countries Vulnerable to Climate Change

    Durban, South Africa, Dec. 6 (Jiji Press)--Japan stressed the need to support African and other developing countries that could be severely affected by climate change at an event it held Tuesday on the sidelines of the ongoing U.N. climate change talks here.

    Supporting countries vulnerable to climate change is Japan's "top priority," Masahiko Horie, its ambassador for global environmental affairs, said in a speech at the event.

    webmasters comment:

    Japan just outlined their business plan & markets for nuke sales push.

    Source: jen.jiji.com


TEPCO May Sell Thermal Plants to Cover N-Crisis Costs

  • TEPCO May Sell Thermal Plants to Cover N-Crisis Costs

    Tokyo, Dec. 7 (Jiji Press)--Tokyo Electric Power Co. is considering selling off its existing thermal power plants to cover costs of handling the crisis at its Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, it was learned Wednesday.

    webmasters comment:

    They allready sold the windpower part of the company. I believe that they are transfering heatlhy assets to sink the company and leave the taxpayers with the final bill. Because as we can see few articles down, the people aren't getting any of that "reconstruction" moneys.

    Source: jen.jiji.com


Hokkaido Governor to Return Pay over Manipulation of Nuclear Views

  • Hokkaido Governor to Return Pay over Manipulation of Nuclear Views

    Sapporo, Dec. 7 (Jiji Press)--Hokkaido Governor Harumi Takahashi said Wednesday she will return part of her pay to take responsibility for a local government official's involvement in manipulating public opinion on nuclear power.

    Takahashi, appearing before the prefectural assembly, apologized for the scandal and said she will take responsibility as governor.

    webmasters comment:

    She can take responsibility as an inmate... her actions are on pair with nuclear sales and proliferation of nuclear weapons. Return pay? Are you kiding?

    Russia (even Turkey, for god's sake) have people in jail for trying to smuggle as litle as one gram of plutonium and here we have a crazy woman forcing military weapons type object on the population and now she would return a paycheck? I thought Japan was an actual country with a functioning government.

    All i see now is a horde of nuclear jackals feeding from the corpse of the abused nation.

    Source: jen.jiji.com


Gov't nuke crisis compensation guidelines criticized for lack of rationale

  • Gov't nuke crisis compensation guidelines criticized for lack of rationale

    Dissatisfaction is rife over new guidelines drawn up by a government panel to determine compensation payments for victims of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster who stayed put or evacuated voluntarily.

    Under the guidelines set Dec. 6 after months of deliberation by the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry's Dispute Reconciliation Committee for Nuclear Damage Compensation, the compensation amount for such victims will be much lower than what people who evacuated under government order are set to receive. The actual costs of evacuation and other expenses will furthermore not be covered.

    webmasters comment:

    At the end evacuees will get a coupon for a free shampoo while the compensation moneys will vanish into thin air. Tepco & Japan government are displaying the worst kind of corporate fascism ever seen in the modern world.

    This is also todays article from the same source:

    Diet OKs additional tax measures to rebuild quake-hit region

    Source: mdn.mainichi.jp


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