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Breakthrough found for 3rd-generation solar cells

  • Breakthrough found for 3rd-generation solar cells

    In what could be considered a breakthrough, researchers from the US Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have found materials that can greatly boost the efficiency of solar cells.

    NREL researchers reported the first solar cell that produces a photocurrent with an external quantum efficiency greater than 100 percent when photoexcited with photons from the high energy region of the solar spectrum.

    “The newly reported work marks a promising step toward developing Next Generation Solar Cells for both solar electricity and solar fuels that will be competitive with, or perhaps less costly than, energy from fossil or nuclear fuels,” they said.

    Source: gmanetwork.com


Tokyo to double local electric power generation capacity

  • Tokyo to double local electric power generation capacity

    The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is set to double the electric power generation capacity in the capital by 2020, officials said.

    The metropolitan government made the decision as the crisis at the tsunami-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant has highlighted the fragility of the power supply system.

    Tokyo will increase power generation capacity in the capital by 3 million kilowatts to approximately 6 million kilowatts by 2020.

    webmasters comment:

    Farms all around the planet are becoming power plants run by natural gas extracted from animal excrements, while humanity considers dumping its own biological waste into rivers a sign of civilization.

    Think of how much energy is put into the process of bringing the food to the table (oil - fertilizers, transports, water & irigation, packaging, processing and so on, to be ultimately consumed and discarded by the human body.

    Source: mdn.mainichi.jp


Researchers create car that can be steered by thought

  • Researchers create car that can be steered by thought

    Scientists in Germany have equipped a car with new technology that measures the driver's brain waves.

    The case for outlawing the practice of talking on cell phones while driving got a boost from the latest breakthrough from the innovation labs of Freie Universität Berlin. German scientists working there have installed a car with new technology that can read the driver's brain waves, thus allowing the car to be steered entirely by thought,. Needless to say, you probably don't want to be distracted while driving this vehicle.

    Source: refreshingnews9.blogspot.com


Gov't starring in own show to bring Fukushima nuclear crisis 'under control'

  • Gov't starring in own show to bring Fukushima nuclear crisis 'under control'

    ...The latest announcement that the goals of the road map have been achieved is merely the result of officials lowering their own hurdles. It reminds me of the time during World War II when the Imperial Japanese Army headquarters called the Japanese army's retreat a "shift in position."

    The definition of "cold shutdown conditions" is a situation in which the temperature at the bottom of the reactor pressure vessels is below 100 degrees Celsius, and the radiation levels within the grounds of the nuclear complex are under 1 millisievert per year, among other factors. However, the heat gauges onsite have error margins of up to 20 degrees Celsius, and the exact temperature inside the reactors remains unknown. Furthermore, the amount of radiation includes only radiation in the atmosphere, and does not take into account radioactive materials released into the sea -- highlighting the vagueness of the standards...

    Source: mdn.mainichi.jp


TEPCO's Chairman and President to Resign As TEPCO Is Being Effectively "Nationalized"

  • TEPCO's Chairman and President to Resign As TEPCO Is Being Effectively "Nationalized"

    a la GM and AIG. Nothing new under the sun.

    Chairman Katsumata and President Nishizawa will resign as the money from the government (to be collected ultimately from taxpayers of course) flows in to support TEPCO's operations to the tune of 2 trillion yen (US$25 billion).

    From Fukushima Minpo (12/22/2011):


    TEPCO and the Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund [set up by the national government] started discussion on December 22 to reshuffle the top management in order to receive the public fund. It is likely that all directors with representation right when the Fukushima I Nuclear Plant accident happened will resign, including President Toshio Nishizawa, who became the president in June, and Chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata. The new chairman will be selected from outside the company, while the new president is likely to be promoted to the position from within.

    Source: ex-skf.blogspot.com


Another Asian Fukushima Imminent?

  • Another Asian Fukushima Imminent?

    Taiwan imports 99 percent of its energy, which is vital to its rapidly industrializing economy.

    The island nation’s electricity demand was recently growing at almost 5 percent per year, but this is slowing to about 3.3 percent per annum to 2013. Nuclear power has been a significant part of the electricity supply for two decades and now provides 17 percent of the country’s overall energy needs.

    But this has come at a potential cost. The country’s three nuclear power plants (NPPs) comprise four General Electric boiling water reactors and two Westinghouse pressurized water reactors.

    Taiwan launched its nuclear power project in 1972 with the construction of a General Electric boiling water reactor (BWR) at the Chinshan 1 Nuclear Plant in northern Taiwan. By 1985 Taiwan had a total of six reactors online at the Chinshan, Kuosheng and Maanshan NPPs, which provided nearly 20 percent of the island's power that fueled Taiwan's economic take off. The NPPs are operated by the Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower) utility under the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

    Source: oilprice.com


Gov't, TEPCO mismanaged Fukushima evac: report

  • Gov't, TEPCO mismanaged Fukushima evac: report

    TOKYO -- Poor communication at the top level of government may have delayed the evacuation of residents threatened by radiation leaks from the Fukushima nuclear plant, the Yomiuri newspaper reported on Thursday, citing a panel investigating the crisis.

    It also accuses plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) of misjudgments soon after the plant was wrecked by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, which knocked out reactor cooling systems and triggered meltdowns, the paper said.

    The 12-member panel, set up in May on the initiative of then prime minister Naoto Kan, will release an interim report of its findings on Dec. 26, the Yomiuri said without citing sources.

    It said the panel found that poor communication between the government's crisis management center and decision-making top officials, both housed in the same building, delayed the use of a system that predicts the spread of radioactivity, which could have allowed more adequate evacuation orders to be given.

    webmasters comment:

    1st there was news of a meltdown on Nikkei, followed by "only meltdown could cause nuke plant explosion" by Japan NISA, followed by government implementing article 14 and thus enforcing strict censorship on all the news, where every information regarding the accident was to be confirmed from the government before going public. Then the bullshit started with how tepco is trying to prevent meltdowns that have obviously allready occured.

    The actions of the japan government were deliberate, they knew the extent of the situation but they chose to lie to the people and the world in order to protect  uranium loving cultists.

    Source: chinapost.com.tw


Deutsche Welle: "Fukushima power plant is far from 'cold'

  • Deutsche Welle: "Fukushima power plant is far from 'cold'

    Germany's Deutsche Welle's take on PM Noda's declaration of the "cold shutdown state" at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is more severe than New York Times.

    Alexander Freund at Deutsche Welle Asia Desk says it is not the power plant that has been stabilized and controlled:

    "The nuclear power lobbyists are the ones who can claim credit for stabilizing their own situation and getting the government under control. "

    Enough said.

    Source: ex-skf.blogspot.com


Romania - Factors to watch on Dec 22

  • Romania - Factors to watch on Dec 22

    Dec 22 (Reuters) - Here are news stories, press reports and events to watch which may affect Romanian financial markets on Thursday.


    Romania's centrist coalition government faces a parliamentary motion of no-confidence on Thursday over a plan to hold municipal and national elections simultaneously late next year. Debates are schedules to start at 0700 GMT.


    Romania tenders 300 million lei ($90.92 million)in 10-year treasury bonds.


    Romania restarted the second reactor at its sole nuclear power plant in Cernavoda on the river Danube on Wednesday morning after shutting it down for repairs at the start of the week, operator Nuclearelectrica said.

    webmasters comment:

    Nothing is going to change as long as real world radioactivity can also be expressed in terms of artificial currency numbers.

    Source: reuters.com


On the News With Thom Hartmann: Tons of Radioactive Waste Found Underneath Fukushima, and More

  • On the News With Thom Hartmann: Tons of Radioactive Waste Found Underneath Fukushima, and More

    In today's On the News segment: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warns of a major global economic downturn, Chinese hackers breach the US Chamber of Commerce database, the US government tries to keep latest strain of bird flu secret and more.

    webmasters comment:

    Video at source.

    Fukushima part

    More trouble at Fukushima. Nuclear safety experts are accusing the Japanese government of lying after 230 tons of radioactive waste was found in a tunnel underneath the crippled nuclear plant – just a few days after Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko said the crisis is over. That, combined with news that Unit 4 at the plant is on the verge of collapsing, suggests that the Japanese government is still misleading the world on just how severe the Fukushima crisis still is.

    Source: truth-out.org


Sequoyah Nuclear Plant's Radioactive Tritium: Tennessee Valley Authority Finds Elevated Levels In Groundwater Sample

  • Sequoyah Nuclear Plant's Radioactive Tritium: Tennessee Valley Authority Finds Elevated Levels In Groundwater Sample

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Valley Authority has reported finding elevated levels of radioactive tritium in a groundwater sample from a new onsite monitoring well at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant near Chattanooga.

    TVA said in an email Tuesday that the elevated levels pose no threat to public health and safety.

    webmasters comment:

    I had the chance to visit Tennessee years back (loved it. the people, the food, the scarlett drawl...) and i remember folks being very proud over the guality of their water sources, claiming even their coke tastes best beacuse of it :)

    True or not, I would wish they keep it that way. 

    "Nuke free Tennessee sounds great to me"

    Source: huffingtonpost.com


Money Creation and the Bankruptcy of Major Banks: The Roles of the IMF, The European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve

  • Money Creation and the Bankruptcy of Major Banks: The Roles of the IMF, The European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve

    ... Now you can understand why the money machine, known as the Fed, says nothing about their bailout of Europe. 95% of the population of the world doesn’t even know what a swap is. Even if they did understand they are never going to get the truth from the Fed. We saw that in court and GAO revelations recently.

    The European Central Bank, ECB, does not have the Fed’s ability to continue to create money and credit. That means that the taxpayers in each nation must foot the bill, unless the Fed prints money for them. Thus, we see a central bank, which really is not a central bank.

    webmasters comment:

    posting to relation to yesterdays video and comment. I find it funny how articles next day confirm my previous speculations :)

    But there you have it. The source of the U.S. and Europe crisis. ECB is simply a branch of the FED cartel and therefore it is logical that it doesn't issue the moneys. That process is centralized through the FED. And all this CRISIS is nothing but a SCAM, where FED bankers are destroying the U.S. economy so they could catch a grip over Europe, with the help of Frau Merkel and mini Napolen Sarkozy. If you can't see that, you better look again. The american and european taxpayer is nothing but cannonfooder in the game, that will translate into literate cannonfooder any time the banking cartel wishes to set you off against the east, simply beacuse they control the amount of paper in the circulation.

    How stupid are we? Is this all humanity is capable off?

    Imagine what we could reach if we just drop the printed pictures sistem and focus on one and only true value in this vast universe of lifeless rocks.

    Source: globalresearch.ca


Genkai plant's No. 1 unit found to contain high amount of impurity

  • Genkai plant's No. 1 unit found to contain high amount of impurity

    FUKUOKA (Kyodo) -- The reactor vessel of the aging No. 1 unit at the Genkai nuclear power plant in Saga Prefecture was found to contain a high amount of copper, an impure substance, compared with other reactors operated by Kyushu Electric Power Co., officials of the utility said Wednesday.

    Some experts say a high content rate of copper could speed up the deterioration of a nuclear reactor vessel every time it is showered by neutrons when nuclear fission occurs.

    Source: mdn.mainichi.jp


Health ministry seeking stricter food-cesium rules

  • Health ministry seeking stricter food-cesium rules

    The health ministry is proposing much stricter regulations on radioactive cesium in food that would lower the current limit of 500 becquerels per kilogram to 100.

    Changes would also be made to the cesium limits for milk and water. For example, limit for milk would be lowered from 200 becquerels per kilogram to 50, while the limit for water would drop from 200 becquerels to just 10, finally bringing Japan's standards in line with those used by the World Health Organization.

    The proposal will be submitted to the ministry's Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council on Thursday, and then to the science ministry's Radiation Council.

    webmasters comment:

    where were these useless bastards when government was pushing "safe to eat plutonium" propaganda, or with court roulings of 30mSV/year is safe for children?

    Source: japantimes.co.jp


Tons of tree bark pose new radiation hazard

  • Tons of tree bark pose new radiation hazard

    The association asked Tepco to burn the tainted debris at its coal-fired thermal power plants, but the utility has rejected that request on grounds that such a move could cause its facilities to malfunction, it said.

    Industrial waste disposal businesses have also refused to process the materials over public fears that radioactive ash or other material will concentrate at the incinerators, it added.

    Source: japantimes.co.jp


Tepco to Raise Electricity Charges for Corporate Customers

  • Tepco to Raise Electricity Charges for Corporate Customers

    “It is a matter of great urgency for us to end this constant deficit financing caused by rising fuel costs,” Tepco President Toshio Nishizawa told reporters in Tokyo today. “We need to properly work on this matter because we could be sued by shareholders if we don't do anything when it is foreseeable the company cannot maintain its operations.”

    webmasters comment:

    Shareholders, the ones feeding the juice to the industry are getting bailed out on others people expense and that is after they were financially supporting the company now killing Japan.  Before Fukushima, i thought Japan was a serious country, but this looks like some middle age feudal sistem. Ironically, George Bush comes to mind, speaking of Have's and Have not's. It looks like Japan government backed by their nuclear corporations is set to exterminate the poor.

    Source: news.businessweek.com


Japan May Put TEPCO under Effective State Control

  • Japan May Put TEPCO under Effective State Control

    Tokyo, Dec. 21 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government is considering putting Tokyo Electric Power Co. under effective state control by using one to 1.5 trillion yen in public funds, informed sources said Wednesday.

    The government is examining the idea of acquiring TEPCO shares through the Nuclear Damage Compensation Facilitation Fund, a public-private entity set up to support the firm's compensation payments to victims of the nuclear crisis at its Fukushima No. 1 power plant.

    webmasters comment:

    Private investors into nuclear industry, the ones putting fire to the uranium pot, have been bailed out and have transfered their moneys elsewhere (Tepco management sold the healthy assets, such as share at cable tv and wind power units), while the people will be left with raging meltdowns and neverending bills.

    Source: jen.jiji.com


The Shocking Truth of the Pending EU Collapse

  • The Shocking Truth of the Pending EU Collapse

    webmasters comment:

    This is sad. The thing is, that europe would integrate one way or the other, actually the people, especially the youth is all "european". But what eurocrats did was hijack a natural process in order to submit the evolving structure to its own perverse agenda.

    There is one thing that everybody fails to notice... the debt before the adoption of one single currency in each member state was negligible in comparison to todays. That of course is not the result of huge trade deficits, but solely the result of the adoption of the Euro, where national governments submited their authority to issue money to international bankers. Thats the whole truth of it.

    The other thing that folks fail to notice is, that all this EU debt is actually U.S. taxpayers moneys, because if i m not mistaken a large portion of the U.S.  bailouts went to Deutche Bank, that used that moneys to "save" EU economies. 

    People must realize that money it self has no value. Their faith in those printed pictures gives it power. And they must realize that they can create their own just currency at any time they wish and send the fraudalent banking cartels to the dustbins of history.

    Source: activistpost.com


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